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Friday, February 17th

Ryan Adams "Prisoner" CD/LP (Blue Note) New full-length solo release from the singer-songwriter, partly influenced by his recent divorce. Adams assembles a stunning scrapbook that captures heartbreak in an intimate array of snapshots, a collection that marks his most accomplished record since Heartbreaker. Not breaking new ground but still a document of the peak of his powers. Available on limited red vinyl while it lasts.
Allah Las "Autumn Dawn" 7" (Mexican Summer)
Molly Burch "Please Be Mine" LP (Captured Tracks) Debut full-length release for the Austin-based indie pop singer from Los Angeles was recorded in two days. Emulating her nonacademic counterparts while updating Fifties pop, she channels Dusty Springfield's willowy whispers and Patsy Cline's warble. Sounds freewheeling but demonstrates incredible discipline.
Comet Gain "City Fallen Leaves" LP (M'Lady) Released in 2005 on CD only, City Fallen Leaves is now available on vinyl.
Comet Gain "Realistes" LP (M'Lady) Lo-fi indie darlings' 2002 full-length back in print on vinyl, mastered loud and with new liner notes.
Courtneys, The "The Courtneys II" LP (Flying Nun Records)
Craig Brown Band "Overthinking" 7" (Third Man Records)
Darcy, Tim "Saturday Night" LP (Jagjaguwar) New debut full-length solo release for the Ought front-man, on colored vinyl while it lasts.
El Khatib, Hanni "Moonlight" CD (Innovative Leisure Records)
Grails "Chalice Hymnal" CD/LP (Temporary Residence) First new record from the Portland rock band in six years. 11 tracks of patiently sweeping instrumental rock, cinematic & meditative.
Hard Proof "Stinger" LP (Modern Outsider)
Hull, Jordan "Somewhere Is a Place to Be" CD/LP (American Diamond Recordings)
Lane, Nikki "Highway Queen'" LP (New West)
Lekman, Jens "Life Will See You Now" CD (Secretly Canadian)
Lemuria "Get Better" LP (Asian Man) Tenth anniversary reissue edition
Lift To Experience "The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads" CD/LP (Mute) First ever reissue of the Texas psych rock band's sole LP, originally released in 2001.
Majeure "Apex" LP (Temporary Residence) On colored vinyl while it lasts.
Mind Over Mirrors "Undying Color" CD/LP (Paradise of Bachelors) New sixth release from Jaime Fennelly's Mind Over Mirrors project, expanding from a solo effort to a collaboration and a trippy trip through the droney side of the avant-garde pop.
Mosher, Kara "Dosage" CD Debut album from local pop rock songstress.
Mozart's Sister "Field of Love" CD (Arbutus Records) Sophomore release from the Montreal electro pop musician.
Nilsson, Molly "Follow The Light" LP (Night School)
Nothington "In The End" LP (Red Scare)
Panic at the Disco "Pretty Odd" LP (Fueled By Ramen)
Paperhead "Chew" CD/LP (Trouble In Mind) New record from the Nashville psych-pop trio. On colored vinyl while it lasts.
Rag'n'Bone Man "Human" CD (Columbia)
Sinkane "Life & Livin It" LP (City Slang)
Son Volt "Notes of Blue" CD/LP (Transmit Sound) New record from the St. Louis alternative country band fronted by Jay Farrar, available on colored vinyl while it lasts.
Strand of Oaks "Hard Love" CD/LP/CS (Dead Oceans) New fourth full-length release for indie rock artist Tim Showalter. 'Moments of personal darkness are threaded throughout Hard Love, but the clarity and strength that Showalter finds when he shrugs off the gloom gives the songs a restless optimism tempered with a belief that the sun will always come up.' On colored vinyl while it lasts.
Transona Five "S/T" CD/LP (Super Secret / Sonic Surgery) New compilation of work from the Texas 90s space rock band. RIYL Bedhead.
Unknown Relatives "Lagniappe Per Capita" CS New release from the anthemic Austin indie pop band.

Cooper, Mike "Reluctant Swimmer/Virtual Surfer" LP (Discrepant) A live set recorded at the Controindicazioni Festival of Improvised Music in Rome in 2003.
Krauss, Alison "Windy City" CD/LP (Capitol) New record from the American bluegrass-country singer & fiddler, this deluxe edition features four bonus tracks.
McMullan, Hayes "Everyday Seems Like Murder Here" CD/LP (Light In The Attic)

v/a "Poco Loco in the Coco" LP (University Of Vice)

Ayers, Roy "Virgin Ubiquity" LP (Rapster) Repress of this 2003 compilation of unreleased recordings from 1976-1981.
Barker, Sue "s/t" LP (Hot Casa) First reissue of Sue Barker's sole album, a fantastic, rare soul-jazz LP recorded in Adelaide, Australia, in 1976, and originally released the same year by Crest International. Barker's hip seven-piece combo perfectly matches all of her vocal inflections -- jazzy when needed, with more soul at other moments, and often with more of a '60s acoustic mode than the more electric and groovy instrumentation used by other singers of the time. Now on 180 gram vinyl.
Funkadelic "Finest" LP (Tidal Waves Music)
Funkadelic "Live - Meadowbrook, Rochester, Michigan - 12th September 1971" LP (Tidal Waves Music)
Randolph, Robert and the Family Band "Got Soul" LP (SME Masterworks)
Shirelles, The "Tonight's The Night" LP (Cornbread)
v/a "This Love Is For Real - The Sweet Soul Of Chicago: 1968-1981" LP (Interstate) new compilation documents the Chicago sound, as popularized by Curtis Mayfield, The Chi-Lites or Impressions, but with a focus on more obscure artists and releases.
v/a "This Time Will Be Different - The Sweet Soul Of Philadelphia: 1968-1982" LP (Interstate) New compilation documents the emerging Philly soul sound, as influenced by Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff, but with a focus on more obscure artists and releases.

Pablo, Augustus "King David's Melody" LP (VP Records)
Palmer, Triston "Stop Spreading Rumours" LP (Black Solidarity)

Golden Pelicans "Live at TMR" 7" (Third Man Records)
Lemonade "Pink" 7" (Thrilling Living / Not Normal) Debut EP from this Minneapolis hardcore punk band.
Nosferatu "EP" 7" (Lumpy) Rapid-fire local hardcore punk with 30 second songs and about as many power chords in each track. Yes, that's right it's on Lumpy Records. No members of Coneheads though, sorry.
NOTS "Live at TMR" 7" (Third Man Records)
Watcher "Live at TMR" 7" (Third Man Records)

Soft Kill "Heresy" LP (Weyrd Son) Reissue of 2015 cassette release.

Abdul-Malik, Ahmed "The Eastern Moods Of Ahmed Abdul-Malik" LP (Doxy) New reissue of Abdul-Malik's 1962 album. Lots of spare rhythms, with snaking evocative reed work over the top - an original fusion of different musical cultures. Features Ahmed on bass and oud, Bilal Abdurrahman on alto, Korean reed flute, and percussion, and William Henry Allen on bass and percussion. Edition of 500 numbered copies.
Ayler, Albert "The Hilversum Sessions" LP (Modern Silence) New reissue of the 1980 LP featuring Ayler fronting a quartet that includes trumpeter Don Cherry, bassist Gary Peacock, and drummer Sunny Murray.
Blakey, Art And The Jazz Messengers "Like Someone In Love" LP (Doxy) New numbered limited reissue of the 1967 LP.
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore "Dolores" LP (PIAS) Vinyl version now in print and in stock.
Holiday, Billie "Lady Love" LP (Cornbread)
Prince Lasha Quintet "The Cry" LP (Doxy) New numbered limited reissue of Prince Lasha Quintet's The Cry, featuring Sonny Simmons and originally released in 1963. A prize item from the Californian free-jazz movement, inspired by Ornette Coleman, from the long-term partnership of flutist Prince Lasha and alto saxophonist Sonny Simmons.
Russell, George And His Orchestra "Jazz In The Space Age" LP (Doxy) New limited reissue of George Russell And His Orchestra's Jazz In The Space Age, featuring Bill Evans and originally released in 1960. "Jazz is changing, the sixties could well be a crucial decade," says the composer. "One thing is certain. A variety of sound and rhythms, many of which are alien to what audiences are used to, will find their way into jazz." Limited to 500 numbered copies.
Young, Lester "Collates" LP (Doxy) New numbered limited reissue of the 1954 LP.

Massacre "Killing Time" LP (Spittle) New expanded reissue of the 1981 LP featuring Fred Frith with Bill Laswell and Fred Maher. A heavy and heady band that experimented greatly with rhythm, time signatures, and tone. Killing Time was recorded in part live in Paris, and in part at Brooklyn's OAO Studio following the dissolution of Henry Cow. This three-sided double LP includes eight bonus tracks recorded live between '80 and '81. Avant-jazz-post-punk-noise of the highest order capturing the 80s NYC sound.
Muro, Don "Synthesizer Pop for a New Age: 1974-1978" 12" (Flannelgraph Records)
Somusundaram, Ramasandiran "Skinny Woman" LP (Cinedelic Records) First-ever reissue of the 1974 LP. Skinny Woman is the only solo album by Indian percussionist Ramasandiran Somusundaram, a former member of Bambibanda E Melodie, Maya, and New Trolls' Atomic System (1973). An anomaly of an album that mixes hard-funk and rock, supported by the incisive extraordinary rhythms of Indian music, all wrapped in an exploitation feel. Edition of 500.

Visible Cloaks "Reassemblage" CD/LP (RVNG Intl.) New sophomore album from the ambient electronic duo from Portland. A pleasant sound bath of contemporary interplanetary folk from the great RVNG imprint.

Riley, Terry "Songs For The Ten Voices Of The Two Prophets" LP (Beacon Sound) New limited remastered reissue of Terry Riley's Songs For The Ten Voices Of The Two Prophets, originally released in 1983. Recorded live in Munich in 1982 using two Prophet synthesizers and voice. Songs For The Ten Voices Of The Two Prophets is a reflection of Riley's ongoing interest in melding improvisation, electronic music, and the raga vocal stylings of his mentor, Pandit Pran Nath.
Schnitzler, Conrad "Filmmusik 1" LP (Bureau B)
Schnitzler, Conrad "Filmmusik 2" LP (Bureau B)

Belbury Poly / Moon Wiring Club "Other Voices 09" 7" (Ghost Box UK) New addition to the GhostBox Records 7" series "Other Voices" sees a collaboration between the label's founder and Moon Wiring Club.
English, Lawrence "Cruel Optimism" LP (Room40) Cruel Optimism is a meditation on disillusionment and powerlessness, and an encouragement to press forward towards more profound futures. Contributions in various forms from Mats Gustafsson, Tony Buck, Chris Abrahams, Norman Westberg, and more.
Esplendor Geometrico "Fluida Mekaniko" LP (Geometrik) New LP from the long-running cult duo based in Madrid and Rome. Fluida Mekaniko was recorded during 2016 and contains 12 new tracks that reference their most harsh and noisy sound of the '90s. Highlights Esplendor Geometrico's inclusion of voices and sonorities of African, Arab, and Asian music. Industrial neo-tribalism in an edition of 700.
Jaeger, Kassel / Jim O'Rourke "Wakes on Cerulean" LP (Editions Mego) The GRM's Kassel Jaeger and consummate collaborator, improvisor Jim O'Rourke, summon their most cosmic feels in Wakes Of Cerulean. If you're familiar with or appreciate either artist's work, you'll really want to pay heed.
Los Lichis "Dog" LP (Feeding Tube) Feeding Tube reissues the anthology documenting the Mexican music/art collective. RIYL: Ritual All 7-70, No Neck Blues Band, Sun City Girls, Mako Sika and '70s French free-rock combos -- Mahogany Brain, Red Noise, Gutura. Numbered edition of 500.
Milstein, Phil X & Thurston Moore "Songs We Taught the Lord Volume One" LP (Feeding Tube) Live set from the duo recorded on the first night of John Fahey's 1996 east coast tour, at the Iron Morse Music Hall in Northampton MA. Meeting Fahey's desire to play with "noise musicians," Moore asked writer and designer Milstein to perform with him. The beautiful tones of Phil's saw floats around tape jabber and guitar circularity for the majority of the set. Edition of 400.
Milstein, Phil X & Thurston Moore "Songs We Taught the Lord Volume Two" LP (Feeding Tube) Reissue of the Milstein/Moore duo live on December 4, 1996 at the Middle East in Cambridge MA, originally released in 1997. The opening set for guitarist John Fahey is infused with horror from Fahey's inadvertent nakedness shortly before the performance. Edition of 400.
Naaahhh "Themes" 12" (Blackest Ever Black) Debut 12". Five tracks of dark-side slither from London - downers for hardcore ravers.
Nurse With Wound "Spiral Insana" CD/LP (Rotorelief) New limited expanded 2CD/2LP reissue of Nurse With Wound's surreal 1986 collage Spiral Insana. This is the first ever vinyl reissue since it's initial release. Contains the original release plus three recordings from the same period: "Mourning Smile," "Nihil," and "A Missing Sense," a 25-minute tribute to Robert Ashley's Automatic Writing. Limited to 1,000 on black vinyl, and 500 on colored vinyl. The 2CD reissue also includes a 30-page metallic hardcover art book.
v/a "Magnetband: Experimenteller Elektronik-Underground DDR 1984-1989" LP (Bureau B Germany) New compilation of cassette music from East Germany which was inspired by punk and post punk and dedicated to independent self-actualization by means of self-distributed cassettes. Artists defined themselves somewhere between non- and anti-political, taking refuge in the search of creative self-assertion and communication, utilizing sounds of rage, linguistic wit and a passion for tinkering. Features: A. F. Moebius, Taymur Streng/Ornament & Verbrechen, Aponeuron, and more.
v/a "Sammlung: Elektronische Kassettenmusik, Dusseldorf 1982-1989" LP (Bureau B Germany) New compilation focused on the electronic tape scene of Dusseldorf in the early 1980s. After the initial 1970s krautrock scene, the increasing affordability of synthesizers paired with the drifting punk pathos, disparate strands of the electronic side of post punk started to face the increasing reconstruction of the city. Sammlung looks at a Dusseldorf cassette generation that would be considered pioneers of a music which would develop into drone, ambient or hypnagogic. Features: Mentocome, Strafe Fur Rebellion, Le Petit Mort, and more.
Young, Nate "Regression" LP (Ideal Recordings) 2009 release on vinyl for the first time from Wolf Eyes' Nate Young. Synth dissections and tape treatments referencing early electronic music, the Regression series has provided compelling dread-electronics, spewed out by the North American underground. RIYL: John Carpenter, Mica Levi's soundtrack for Under The Skin (2014), Fabio Frizzi. Edition of 500.
Zos Kia / Coil "Transparent" LP (Cold Spring Records) The entire Transparent recordings released for the first time, containing the first released recordings of both Coil and Zos Kia, completely remastered from the unedited tapes. One and only album by Zos Kia, made up of John Gosling, John Balance and Min, with guest Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson, released on cassette only in 1984. Now in stock on vinyl.

Marvin & Guy "Fire ! Fire !" 12" (Permanent Vacation)
Moire "No Future" CD (Ghostly International) New sophomore record from the London-based producer and architect. Funky, abstracted techno that, much like the music of his former label boss Actress, has a distinctly London grit.

Manican Dream / Damase "Chaos Is OST / True Color" LP (Manican Dream Records) Austin modular synth / house music soundtrack.
OST "A Cure For Wellness" LP (Milan)
V/A "The Man Who Fell To Earth" LP (Hip-O) New reissue of the soundtrack to the film featuring David Bowie.
OST "Moonlight" Nicolas Britell LP (Lakeshore) This soundtrack pairs Nicolas Britell's composition work with soundtrack highlights from other artists. The release includes some gorgeous artwork and blue-and-black marbled vinyl while supplies last.

Flauston Paradise No. 3 MAG Latest issue of this punk zine by Alex Guzman

Friday, February 10th

311 "From Chaos" LP (Legacy)
Big Star "Complete Third: Vol. 2: Roughs To Mixes" LP (Omnivore) Complete Third is the result of a decade-long search to find all the recordings from the 1974 sessions that would become Big Star's Third album. The album has been released with differing track listings and different titles, such as Sister/Lovers, since its original release in 1978. As well as all of the music there are extensive liner notes from those involved and artists who have been influenced by the band. Vol. 2 Roughs To Mixes, one of three vinyl editions, contains the rough mixes by producer Jim Dickinson and Ardent Studios engineer John Fry, and a version of Velvet Underground's After Hours sung by Lesa Aldridge.
Chesnutt, Vic "Drunk" LP (New West Records) New vinyl reissue of the overlooked Athens, Georgia-based singer/songwriter's third full-length, released in 1993.
E "s/t" LP (Thrill Jockey) New record from Thalia Zedek, Jason Sanford, and Gavin McCarthy
Has A Shadow "Sorrow Tomorrow" CD/LP (Fuzz Club)
Jesca Hoop "Memories Are Now" CD/LP (Sub Pop) New full-length from the singer-songwriter, Memories Are Now is a varied elegy to heartbreak and loss; powerful, perfectly executed songs built of stacked voices and sparse rhythm to bring comfort and strength to the weary & broken.
Lewis, Black Joe "Back Lash" CD/LP (self-released) The Austin singer-guitarist returns with The Honeybears, flouting the neo-soul hype with an album of unapologetic intersectional blues, soul, funk, and garage rock -- he's got a few enlivening strategies to keep the formula fresh.
Loscil "First Narrows" LP (Kranky)
Mandolin Orange "Blindfaller" LP (Yep Roc)
Noveller "A Pink Sunset For No One" CD/LP (Fire) New studio dose of cosmic noise from the experimental solo guitarist Sarah Lipstate. "A Pink Sunset For No One" finds Lipstate layering guitar passages that range from kosmische to delicate plucks to heavy drones.
Old Crow Medicine Show "Best of" LP
Peep Tempel "Joy" LP (Wing Sing)
Peep Tempel "Tales" LP (Wing Sing)
Radio Dept "Running Out of Love" CS (Labrador) Cassette version of their latest album.

Weeknd "Starboy" LP (Republic) New official release of the third full-length studio release for the Canadian artist features guest appearances from Daft Punk, Lana Del Rey, Future, and Kendrick Lamar.

Bowie, David "David Live" CD/LP New remastered reissue of Bowie's 1974 live LP, now issued as a 3 LP set on 180 gram vinyl, back in stock.
Bowie, David "Diamond Dogs" CD/LP (Rhino) New reissue of the 1975 LP, back in stock.
Bowie, David "Live Nassau 1976" LP (Rhino)
Bowie, David "Station to Station" CD/LP (Rhino) New reissue of the 1976 LP, back in stock.
Bowie, David "Young Americans" CD/LP (Rhino) New reissue of the 1975 LP, back in stock.
Yardbirds "Sounds I Heard" LP (Easy Action) New repress of LP plus 7"

Kristofferson, Kris "The Austin Sessions" LP (Atlantic)

Jansch, Bert "Birthday Blues" LP (Superior Viaduct) New reissue of the Scottish traditional guitarist's 1969 LP.
Jansch, Bert "Rosemary Lane" LP (Superior Viaduct) New reissue of the Scottish traditional guitarist's 1971 LP.

Sun Ra "Spaceways" LP (ORG Music) Receiving its first ever vinyl release, 'Spaceways' features live performances by Sun Ra and his Arkestra from New York City in 1966 and 1968
Throttle Elevator Music "Retrorespective" LP (Wide Hive) New LP from the jazz trio featuring Kamasi Washington, Gregory Howe and Matt Montgomery.

Brown, Barry "I'm Still Waiting" LP (Radiation Roots) Reissue of the 1983 LP. Roots reggae star Barry Brown was discovered through amateur talent contests in his west Kingston ghetto neighborhood during the early 1970s. Brown draws largely from the blueprint provided by Horace Andy, but with his own unique form of vocal phrasing interspersed with ad-hoc slurs. I'm Still Waiting was released in 1983 by Sugar Minott's Black Roots outfit, Rocktone International.
Dillinger "Answer Me Question" LP (Radiation Roots) Reissue of the 1977 LP. Trained in the art of deejay by Dennis Alcapone and renamed by Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Dillinger's debut album, Ready Natty Dreadie (1975), was a local hit for Studio One. Answer Me Question shows Dillinger on fearsome form, his relaxed rhyming toasts tackling sound system matters and burning issues of the day with biting wit and verbal dexterity, all delivered over tough Aggrovators rhythms.
McCook, Tommy & The Aggrovators "King Tubby Meets The Aggrovators At Dub Station" LP (Radiation Roots) Reissue of 1975 LP. Tenor saxophonist Tommy McCook led The Skatalites in the early 1960s and became the chief exponent of rock steady as leader of The Supersonics house band at Treasure Isle. Comes with four bonus tracks.
Mittoo, Jackie "The Keyboard King" LP (Radiation Roots) Reissue of Jackie Mittoo's The Keyboard King, originally released in 1976. The man born Donat Roy Mittoo was a crucial member of the Studio One house band from its very foundation, working closely there with Lee 'Scratch' Perry. The Keyboard King features Mr. Mittoo's delightful organ workouts, completely reconfiguring hits by John Holt, Johnny Clarke, Cornell Campbell, and Bunny & Skully, among others.
Pablo, Augustus "Augustus Pablo At King Tubbys" LP (Radiation Roots) Reissue of Augustus Pablo's Augustus Pablo At King Tubbys, originally released in 2005. Visionary musician and record producer Augustus Pablo, the man born Horace Swaby, was captivated by Jamaica's sound system culture at a young age. Multi-faceted compilation featuring memorable melodica interpretations of some of Bunny Lee's greatest productions. Recorded over dub cuts of immortal numbers such as Cornell Campbell's "Queen Of The Minstrel" and John Holt's "My Desire".

Heavy Metal "Total Bullshit" LP (Static Age) First release from this cynical punk two-peice who are rumored never to have performed live. RIYL Sleaford Mods and Killed By Death compilations.
Lecherous Gaze "One Fifteen" LP Tee Pee Records
Urochromes "Night Bully" 7" (Wharf Cat) New 7" from the mechanical and maniacal Western Mass punks. In an underground scene where guitar bands tend to blend together, pummeling punk duo (sometimes trio) Urochromes' unpredictability lends them a rare star quality, and keeps us guessing.

Cynic "Uroboric Forms-The Complete Demo Recordings" LP (Century Media) New compiled remastered demo recordings of Florida progressive death metal band Cynic. All material was recorded prior to the band's 1993 debut LP and shows their development from a thrash band to progressive death metal. LP + 7 inch and CD.
Immolation "Close to A World Below" LP (Metal Blade) Fourth LP from the New York death metal band released in 2000, now remastered and back in print.
Immolation "Failures for Gods" LP (Metal Blade) 1999 LP from the New York death metal band, now remastered and back in print.
Immolation "Here in After" LP (Metal Blade) 1995 sophomore LP from the New York death metal band, now remastered and back in print.
Overkill "The Grinding Wheel" CD/LP/CS (Nuclear Blast)

Deux "Decadence" LP (Minimal Wave) Back in Stock

Laraaji "Celestial Vibration" CD/LP (Soul Jazz) A reissue of the 1978 debut album by ambient, minimalist artist Laraaji. Notable for his use of the zither, a harp-like instrument, Laraaji came to fame in the 1980's collaborating with Brian Eno and Bill Laswell among others.

Alvarius B "Alvarius B vs Abdel Baqy Byro in Cairo" LP (Nashazphone) A 39-minute lenticular collage from the Sun City Girls frontman, recalls Tangier-era Burroughs. Alan Bishop delivers his take on contemporary behavioral dementia in a style that veers from the nocturnal yammer of legendary somniloquist Dion McGregor to salty neo-Yossarian ravings to the casual vitriol of a misanthrope who knows he's entertaining. Recorded live all over Cairo (in cars, trains, apartments, garages, cafes, bars, on rooftops, on the street) with a backline that includes little else beyond an acoustic guitar and a radio. Field recordings, glitchy wheeze underpinnings, and snippets of space murble garnish the album, but site-specific stuffing is what gives this kataif its particular flavor.

Shackleton & Vengeance Tenfold "Sferic Ghost Transmits" LP (Honest Jons) English producer Shackleton and vocalist Vengeance Tenfold present their first collaboration since 2012, stirring together a dizzying assembly of outernational and outerspace influences while retaining the subby funk-and-hot-breath pressure of Shackleton's soundboy, club roots. Great shifting tides of dub, minimalist composition, and choral song; ritual spells to ward off the darkness; radiophonia and zoned-out guitar improv; even the febrile, freeform psychedelia of '80s noise rock -- with Vengeance Tenfold as hoarse preacher, sage scholar, ravaged bluesman.

Jaquarius "Love Is Happiness" 12" (Rockin' House) New repress of the killer Chicago acid classic, essential acid era rare gem, pressed for the first time since 1988.
Jlin "Dark Lotus" LP (Planet Mu)
Other People Place, The "Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe" LP (Warp) The 2001 classic finally gets a repress. "Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe" is the sole LP from this solo project of Detroit producer James Stinson, of Drexciya & Underground Resistance -- among others, released shortly before his passing. Thick heavy saw & sine wave grooves, 'Relax your mind, slowly unwind, catch some rays of the sunshine.'
Thievery Corporation "The Temple Of I & I" CD/LP (ESL Music) New full-length release for the Washington D.C. electronic duo features guest appearances from Lou Lou Ghelichkhani, Shana Halligan, Raquel Jones, Mr. Lif, Elin Melgarejo, Notch, Puma, and Zee.

Kologbo, Joe King & The High Grace "Sugar Daddy" LP (Strut)
Tinariwen "Elwan" CD/LP (Anti) New full-length release for the Tuareg blues-rock band confronts their situation head-on, in songs musing on the values of ancestry, unity and fellowship, driven by the infectiously hypnotic cyclical guitar grooves. Elwan (Elephants), is perhaps the group's most powerful album since Amassakoul. Features guest appearances from Alain Johannes, Mark Lanegan, Matt Sweeney, and Kurt Vile.
v/a "Where the Mountains Meet the Sky: Folk Music of Ladakh" LP (Sublime Frequencies) Music from Ladakh recorded during the making of the film The Song Collector (2014) by director Erik Koto, with additional material recorded by Bill Kite in 1992. Ladakh is the hub of ancient trade routes that connected the Silk Road to India, Tibet, and Kashmir. Is is the crossroads of the Himalayan Mountains. Where the Mountains Meet the Sky is composed of treasured rare songs preserved from Ladakh's dying folk tradition.

Philip Glass Buddha Machine (FM3) Beijing-based duo of Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian team up with Philip Glass for a special-edition Buddha Machine, commemorating the American composer's 80th birthday. Seven long-playing loops of distinctive and hypnotic Glass works, featuring piano, organ and voice.

Maximum Rock n Roll #406 - March 2017 MAG: Features bands S-21, Beton, Zerodent, Peluqueria Canina, Second Combat, Austin's Body Pressure and more. Photos from Chicago's Infestational and This Is Austin Not That Great.

Friday, February 3rd

Bats, The "The Deep Set" CD/LP (Flying Nun Records) New Zealand's enduring indie pop four pieces' ninth studio album in a career that has spanned nearly 30 years and influenced countless bands around the world.
Behind Closed Doors "Exit Lines: A Brief History of Behind Closed Doors" LP (Temporary Residence)
Elbow "Little Fictions" CD/LP (Concord) New seventh full-length studio release for the British alternative rock band. A dose of humanity in inhuman times.
Eluvium "Copia" LP (Temporary Residence)
Eluvium "Talk Amongst the Trees" LP (Temporary Residence)
Homeshake "Fresh Air" LP (Sinderlyn) New third full-length from the Canadian musician. Peter Sagar is a former guitarist for Mac DeMarco, and his charms are not dissimilar from DeMarco's own. Here, he incorporates yacht rock and R&B tropes for a thrift store synth-pop sound.
Madonna "Confessions On A Dance Floor" LP (Maverick) First ever vinyl reissue of Madonna's tenth studio album, released in 2005. On limited pink vinyl.
Mercure, Michele "Eye Chant" LP (Freedom to Spend)
Moon Duo "Occult Architecture Vol. 1" CD/LP (Sacred Bones) New fourth full-length release for the Oregon psychedelic duo explores the dark side on this first of a two-part concept that explores dark and light/ying and yang energies. Available on very limited colored vinyl while we have it.
MUNA "About U" LP (RCA)
Once and Future Band "s/t" LP (Castle Face)
Sampha "Process" CD/LP (Young Turks) Debut release from the London vocalist and keyboardist known for being SBTRKT's principal vocalist on record and live bandmate. After singing with Solange, Drake, Kanye, and Frank, Sampha releases "Process", a remarkable, meditative work, on the stages of grief and navigates self-discovery.
Squires, Matthew "Tambaleo" CS (Already Dead Tapes)
Stereophonics 2LP "You Gotta Go There To Come Back" LP (UME) Vinyl reissues of their first 5 LPs from 1997 to 2005.
Stereophonics "Just Enough Education" LP (UME)
Stereophonics "Language. Sex. Violence. Other? " LP (UME)
Stereophonics "Performance & Cocktails" LP (UME)
Stereophonics "Word Gets Around" LP (UME)
Surfer Blood "Snowdonia" CD/LP (Joyful Noise Recordings) New fourth full-length from the Florida band, their first since the death of the band's guitarist and they departure of another. Frontman John Paul Pitts carries the torch to create a new band from scratch-fully writing and mixing the album as he did on their 2010 debut. Pitts gives space to his grief but is resolved not to let it interfere too much with the cheerful breeze-pop framework he has cultivated through the years. On white vinyl white it lasts.
ThinkNoThink "Silent City" LP (Art Etc) New debut LP from the Austin psych-garage rock trio.
Unwound "Fake Train" LP (Numero Group) Single LP reissue of Unwound's first full-length LP on Kill Rock stars, previously available as part of the Rat Conspiracy box set, also on Numero. Available for the first time as a standalone reissue since it's original release in 1993.

v/a "Hillbillies In Hell Vol III" LP (Iron Mountain Analogue Research) Volume three is here of largely unknown and unheralded mostly private-press tracks by tortured troubadours with tales of torments, and the temptations of Satan, drugs, murder, suicide, demonic visions, infanticide and redemption. Country music's tormented testament. All tracks from 1952 to 1974.

Cooper, Mike "Blue Guitar" LP (Idea) Mike Cooper's Blue Guitar is a collection that first appeared on Cooper's Hipshot CDr label in 2010 in a limited edition. It is presented here on Idea Records, for the first time on vinyl. Upon its initial release, Cooper mentions an interest in guitar playing "in a less 'traditional' manner, but still incorporating various 'extended techniques'". Cooper also mentions "a renewed interest in blues, Greek rembetika, flamenco, Portuguese fado and other traditional and improvised music around the Mediterranean"

Garzon-Mantano, Gabriel "Jardin" CD/LP (Stones Throw) New debut full-length release for the Brooklyn-based French-Columbian R&B singer. Latin-influenced percussion and subtle string arangements. Garzon-Montano's vocals are solid and serviceable, he is known for being sampled on Drake's "Jungle" track.
Jaylib "Champion Sound: The Remix" LP (Stones Throw) Madlib's remix of Champion Sound recorded in the original Jaylib sessions. This is the first time these remixes have been released on vinyl, and the first time "Da Rawkus" has been released anywhere. The remixes were originally included on Champion Sound Deluxe Edition 2CD.
Oh No "Ultimate Breaks & Beats" LP (Stones Throw) The series Ultimate Breaks & Beats, which had a profound influence on hip-hop, dance, and pop music, is being revived by it's co-creator "Breakbeat" Lou Flores. The debut - Producer Series, Vol. 1 - is 17 tracks by Oh No made from UBB cuts.
Young Thug "Jeffery" 2LP (300 Ent) The Atlanta rapper is said to have changed his name to Jeffrey for only a week for the release of this new 'self-titled' full-length. Jeffrey is a record about the agency public figures have over their own identities, one of this year's most bizarre, brilliant genre exercises. Features guest appearances from such artists as Gucci Mane, Wyclef Jean, Quavo, Travis Scott, and Young Scooter.

Johnson, Syl "My Funky Funky Band" LP (Numero Group)
Johnson, Syl "We Do It Together" LP (Numero Group)
McGee, Tommy "Now That I Have You b/w Stay With Me" 7" (Numero Group)

Anyaa Arts Quartet "Harmattan" Alex Coke CD (VoxLox)
Coxhill, Lol "Ear Of Beholder" LP (Radiation Deluxe Series) New reissue of Lol Coxhill's debut LP Ear Of Beholder, originally released in 1971, reissue here for the first time on vinyl. Coxhill's sprawling debut is an avant-garde jazz masterstroke that features Robert Wyatt and much of Kevin Ayers's Whole World group. A double LP ranging from straight-up feedback to re-workings of standards, outdoor recordings to spoken word, improvisation to vaudeville.
Pink Martini "Je Dis Oui!" LP (Heinz)

Bolzer "Hero" LP (Iron Bonehead) Latest from Swiss black metal band. Their first full length.
Bulldozer "The Day of Wrath" LP (FOAD) Reissue of their debut LP. Italians answer to Venom, only dirtier and arguably drunker.
Deathspell Omega "The Synarchy of Molten Bones" LP (Norma Evangelium Diaboli) First new release from the French avant black metal outfit in four years. Now available on vinyl.
Emperor "Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk" CD/LP (Spinefarm) Reissue on vinyl and CD of their 4th album from 1997.
Emperor "Emperor / Wrath of the Tyrant" CD (Spinefarm) CD reissue collecting the band's 1992 debut full-length and their 1993 12" EP.
Emperor "s/t" LP (Spinefarm) New reissue of the band's 1993 EP.
Horisont "About Time" CD/LP (Century Media)
Iron Reagan "Crossover Ministry" CD/LP (Relapse) New third full-length from the Richmond thrash metal band, 18 tracks and thirty minutes of frantic, punk-metal fury.
Judas Priest "Turbo 30" CD/LP (Legacy) Remastered 30th Anniversary Edition
Melvins "Dale Crover" LP (Boner) First ever reissue of the long out of print Melvins' solo album series originally released in 1992 and inspired by the mighty Kiss solo albums. A series of three.
Melvins "Joe Preston" LP (Boner)
Melvins "King Buzzo" LP (Boner)
Savage "Loose N Lethal" LP (Hammerheart) Reissue of NWOBHM classic from 1983.
Suffocation "Breeding the Spawn" LP (Listenable) Reissued
Suffocation "Effigy of the Forgotten" LP (Listenable) Reissued
Suffocation "Pierced from Within" LP (Listenable) Reissued
Warlord "And the Cannons of Destruction Have Begun..." 2CD/3LP (High Roller) Deluxe reissue with 18 bonus tracks.
Warlord "Deliver Us" 2CD/3LP (High Roller) Deluxe reissue with 17 bonus tracks.

Concealed Blade "s/t" LP (Beach Impediment) Follow up to the band's 2015 demo.
Even Worse "We Suck!: The Lost 1982 Album" LP (Radiation Deluxe Series) Newly released lost record We Suck!, by Even Worse from 1982, never before on vinyl. Early pre-New York Hardcore. Co-produced by Bad Brains, with additional live tracks from New York's legendary Max's Kansas City club in 1981. Edition of 500 on 180 gram vinyl.
Fury "Paramount" LP (Triple B)
Glory "Demo" CS (self-released)
Krimewatch "Demo 2016" 7" (Lockin Out Records) Debut 7" release from the NYC hardcore outfit. Japanese punk meets American hardcore; keeping it simple, immediate, and catchy.
Obedience "S/T" 7" (Fair Warning) New vinyl debut from the Austin based hardcore band.
Vagra "s/t" LP (Bloody Master Records)

East Wall "Eyes of Glass" 12" (Dark Entries) East Wall was an Italian electronic dark wave band formed by Fabrizio Chiari (ex keyboardist of Kirlian Camera) and Wilma Notari. "Eyes of Glass" 12" is from 1985 and their album "Silence" is from 1991.
East Wall "Silence" 2LP (Dark Entries) New first ever official reissue of the 1991 debut LP from the Italo/synth-wave band featuring members of Kirlian Camera. Displays East Wall's maturity and unique aesthetics, with instrumental pieces reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti' Twin Peaks score.
Giombini, Marcello "Computer Disco" LP (Mondo Groove) New first ever reissue of Marcello Giombini's Computer Disco, originally released in 1982. Computer Disco sees pioneer of early sequencers, Marcello Giombini, produce cheesy, cosmic synth pop with a little bit of Italo disco mixed in. Computer Disco is the most Kraftwerk-ian Italian production.
Kirlian Camera "Helden Platz" 12" (Dark Entries) Long out of print 12" maxi single from 1987 by Italian electronic act Kirlian Camera.
Martial Canterel "Navigations Volume I-III" 3LP (Medical Records) Newly released forgotten tracks, sketches and unfinished work (2002-2004) from Brooklyn musician Sean McBride's solo project (aka for the duo Xeno & Oaklander). These were released individually and as a limited 3LP box in an edition of 350.
Martial Canterel "Navigations Volume II" LP (Medical Records)
Martial Canterel "Navigations Volume III" LP (Medical Records)
Modern Art "Underwater Kites" LP (Color Tapes) Modern Arts' Gary Ramon released this previously obscure minimalist synth pop album on cassette only on his early 1980's label Color Tapes. Newly remastered reissue, on vinyl for the first time, includes 3 previously unreleased tracks from the same session. Solid Space and Lives of Angels fans take note.
Monopol "Weltweit" LP (Medical Records)
v/a "Cold Waves of Color: Volume 4" LP (Color Tapes) Latest collection of rare cold wave from the Color Tapes archives.

Brackett, Alan Lee "Peanut Butter Conspiracy Theories: Lost Songs 1967-1968" LP (Out-Sider)
Group Titan "Anatolian Break Dance" LP (Pharaway Sounds)
Jerusalem "Kamakazi Moth' b/w 'Frustration' 7" (Rockadrome)
Manco, Baris & Kurtalan Ekspres "Estagfurullah... Ne Haddimize!" LP (Pharaway Sounds)
Soft Machine "Live At The Paradiso" LP (Real Gone Music)
Ultimate Spinach "Behold and See" LP (Sundazed) Mono reissue of this Boston Psych bands second album from 1968.On colored vinyl.
Wolfgang "Eliminate Hate" LP (Out-Sider) Originally recorded in 1970 in Pasadena and previously unreleased until now! One of the most enigmatic bands from the Texas psychedelic scene. An unusual blend of '60s garage-punk, Texas psychedelia, The Seeds, The Misunderstood, late era Velvet Underground, '70s era Rolling Stones and '70s pre-punk swagger. Fuzz n' frenzy.

OST "E.S.P. (1973)" Egisto Macchi LP (Cometa)
v/a "Rare Music From The Cometa's Archives" LP (Cometa)

Stordeur, Andre "Analog and Digital Electronic Music #21980-2000" LP (Sub Rosa) Selected unreleased works by the Belgian composer of electronic music, recorded from 1980 to 2000. Stordeur started his musical career in 1973 with a tape composition for the film Office Baroque (1977).

Age Coin "Performance" LP (Posh Isolation) New sophomore LP from Kristian Emdal and Simon Formann (members of Lower and Marching Church).
Coil "Astral Disaster" LP (Prescription Edition) Reissued for the first time since 1999, with original artwork and insert. Partiallly written and recorded in an old debtors prison by Gary Ramon.
Cupol "Like This For Ages" EP 12" (Dark Entries) Duo consisted of Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis of Wire. Released in 1980 on 4AD and was an homage to the Master Musicians of Joujouka. The A side has three bonus tracks for the first time on vinyl, Gilbert and Lewis' sole John Peel session from 1980.
Haino, Keiji / Jozef Dumoulin / Teun Verbruggen "The Miracles Of Only One Thing" LP (Sub Rosa) Japanese legend, Keiji Haino, meets two of Belgium's most active and valued musicians, keyboardist Jozef Dumoulin and drummer Teun Verbruggen. The Miracles Of Only One Thing is made of distilled material from a studio recording and a recorded live-show.
Melchior, Dan "Melpomene" LP (Idea) As a studied garage rock provocateur from NYC, Melpomene sees Melchior continue to strip the edges off his music.
Merzbow "Escape Mask" CD (Other Voices Records)
Nurse With Wound "Thunder Perfect Mind" CD (Durtro/Jnana)
Trepaneringsritualen "Deathward, To The Womb" LP (Cold Spring) New reissue of the out of print debut release, Deathward, To The Womb from 2012. Dark ambient industrial.
Turner, Simon Fisher "Giraffe" LP (Editions Mego) New full-length from the British composer, Giraffe takes the listener through a vast journey where an abstract clacking of unknown origin rubs up against a melancholic electronic sequence. Engineered by Rashad Becker.
Tuxedomoon "Half-Mute / Give Me New Noise" CD (Crammed Discs) The CD is a special edition with a bonus CD of 13 tracks.
Tuxedomoon "Half-Mute" Remastered LP (Crammed Discs) Reissue of this classic 1980.
UnicaZurn "Transpandorem" LP (Touch) David Knight and Stephen Thrower, build their long, ceaselessly evolving musical compositions through a process of improvisation, followed by careful editing and processing. Knight is renowned for his work with Danielle Dax and Lydia Lunch, while Thrower has contributed his reed playing to Coil and Cyclobe. Both Thrower and Knight draw upon their love and wide experience of electronic music, from the outer shores of Stockhausen to the outer space-ways of Tangerine Dream.
v/a "Antologia De Musica Atipica Portuguesa Vol. 1: O Trabalho" LP (Discrepant) AKA "Anthology of Atypical Portuguese Music" is a series focusing on new strains of Portuguese music with an (un-)characteristic foot in past musical traditions of the country. Vol. 1 explores o Trabalho ("work") - various work songs both at land and sea are freely reinterpreted in a multitude of ways. Features: tape deconstructions of Live Low, free jazz experimentations of EITR, the digital voice manipulations of Tiago Morais Morgado, and more. RIYL: Sublime Frequencies, Folkways.
Zos Kia / Coil "Transparent" CD (Cold Spring Records ) The entire Transparent recordings released for the first time, containing the first released recordings of both Coil and Zos Kia, completely remastered from the unedited tapes. One and only album by Zos Kia, made up of John Gosling, John Balance and Min, with guest Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson, released on cassette only in 1984.

Boman, Axel "Black Magic Boman" 12" (Hypercolour) Re-mastered and re-pressed, originally released 2013.
Not Waving "Populist" LP (Ecstatic) Not Waving consolidates the myriad stripes of his acclaimed Animals album in four extended peak-time hammers on Populist.
Tornado Wallace "Lonely Planet" LP (Running Back) Debut full-length from the Australian producer, 'Lonely Planet' is the accumulation of about four years of work, with tracks written in Berlin and Melbourne. Merging functionality with a musical playfulness, Lonely Planet might sound something like new age sounds meeting new wave melodies or Grace Jones running into the Dire Straits at Compass Point.
V/A "The Sound of Durban Vol. 1" 2LP (Gqom Oh! ?) The Sound of Durban Vol. 1 represents the first full-length compilation collecting the sound of the suburbs and townships of Durban, South Africa known as "gqom". Each polyrhythmic track draws on the darker side of electronic music, hip hop, sound system culture, kwaito, UK funk, and deep African vibrations.
Vallicelli, Matteo "Primo" LP (Captured Tracks)

Morricone, Ennio "Un Uomo Da Rispettare OST" LP (Superior Viaduct) First ever vinyl reissue of Morricone's soundtrack to the 1972 crime film starring Kirk Douglas 'Un Uomo Da Rispettare' ("A Man to Respect"). Features his variations of noir-jazz abstraction.
OST "Basket Case" Gus Russo LP (Terror Vision) First time ever released on any format. Soundtrack to the grimey 1982 cult classic.
OST "Night Evelyn Came Out Of The Grave, The" Bruno Nicolai LP (Death Waltz) Soundtrack to the 1971 giallo brought back to life by Death Waltz Recordings.
OST "Psychomania" by John Cameron LP (Trunk) A timely repress of John Cameron's 1973 score to the British cult biker classic Psychomania, aka The Death Wheelers. Originally first issued in 2003, this jazz-rock soundtrack masterpiece rides again with music direct from Cameron's master tapes. Reversed black, red, and white artwork to differentiate it from the first press in 2003.
OST "Troll 2 (1990)" Carlo Maria Cordio LP/CS (Lunaris) First time ever released. Cheesy synth score to the equally cheesy 1990 film.
OST "Young Guns (1988)" Anthony Marinelli & Brian Banks LP (Rusted Wave)

Friday, January 27th

Alkaline Trio "Crimson" LP (Vagrant) Official reissue of the on 180 gram vinyl.
Alkaline Trio "From Here to Infirmary" LP (Vagrant) Official reissue on 180 gram vinyl.
Alkaline Trio "Good Morning" 2LP (Vagrant) Official reissue on 180 gram vinyl.
Animal Collective "Here Comes The Indian" LP (My Animal Home) Reissue of the third album, from 2003.
Avalanches "Since I Left You" 2LP (Modular Interscope) New limited colored vinyl reissue of the Australian pop band's beloved sample-driven debut LP, originally released in 2001. A charming, witty pastiche of mashed up samples, beats, bangs, and bobs. Estimates that there are over 3,500 samples. After sampling and arranging, the pair would swap their tapes, listen to each other's ideas and expand on whatever they had heard.
Bash & Pop "Friday Night Is Killing Me" LP (Rhino) Remastered reissue of the first album from the newly reformed Bash & Pop. Originally released in 1993. Featuring members of The Jayhawks and The Replacements.
Big Star "Box Set" 3 x Cassette (Burger) Limited edition cassette box set featuring their three classic albums - #1 Record (1972) / Radio City (1974) / Third (1975) - packaged in a deluxe tip-on box w/ gold foil stamp. This is the first time #1 Record and Radio City have ever been on cassette. Heads up - it is a bit pricey at $39.99.
Blind Melon "Soup" LP (Analog Spark) Official remastered reissue of Blind Melon's sophomore album, available on vinyl for the first time since it was originally released in 1995.
Blondie "Eat To The Beat" LP (Capitol) Three new official Blondie vinyl reissues.
Blondie "Parallel Lines" LP (Capitol)
Blondie "s/t" LP (Capitol)
Blue Orchids "Awefull" LP (Tiny Global Productions) New vinyl reissue of the 2015 CD compilation of tracks pulled from the bands 1980s singles released for Rough Trade during their first two years. Originating from the smouldering ashes of the first line-up of The Fall, guitarist/vocalist Martin Bramah, keyboardist Una Baines and bassist Eric McGann joined forces with a new drummer and second guitarist and quickly signed with Rough Trade. Their goal was to follow The Fall's original psychedelic vision.
Bowles, Nathan "A Bottle, A Buckeye" LP (Soft Abuse)
Chesnutt, Vic "Little" LP (New West Records) Reissue of Vic Chesnutt's first album, available on vinyl for the first time in 27 years.
Cloud Nothings "Life Without Sound" CD/LP (Carpark Records) First new full length album since 2014's Here And Nowhere Else. Limited colored vinyl.
Coleman, John Wesley III "Microwave Dreams" LP (Super Secret)
Cook, Vivian "The Long Shot" CD (Omnivore)
Crutchfield, Allison "Tourist in this Town" CD/LP (Merge) Merge debut from Allison Crutchfield (Swearin', PS Eliot, Bad Banana, Waxahatchee). Lavender color vinyl while supplies last.
Drab Majesty "The Demonstration" CD/LP (Dais) Rooted in 80's dark wave combining influences from The Cure, Depeche Mode, and many others.
Eitzel, Mark "Hey Mr Ferryman" CD/LP (Merge) Merge Records debut from this long time singer/songwriter and former frontman of pioneering slowcore band American Music Band.
Half Japanese "Hear The Lions Roar" [Color] LP (Fire Records) Sixteenth full length studio recording from Jad and David Fair.
Harvey, Mick "Intoxicated Women" LP (Mute)
Hearts & Minds "S/T" LP (Monofonus)
Japandroids "Near To The Wild Heart Of Life" CD/LP (Anti) New third full-length release for the Canadian rock duo. They can break from the formula and deliver something fresh and exciting. Available on colored vinyl while it lasts.
Le Bon, Cate "Rock Pool" 12" (Drag City)
Luna "Rendezvous" [Clear Vinyl] LP (Double Feature) Reissued.
Luna "Romantica" [Clear Vinyl] LP (Double Feature) Reissued.
Marge "Bruise Easy" LP (Salinas)
Nine Pound Shadow "S/T" LP (Columbia)
Panda Bear "Young Prayer" LP (Paw Tracks) Back in print on vinyl for the first time since it's original release in 2004, this is the second solo album from the Animal Collective member.
Papa M "Whatever, Mortal" LP (Drag City) Reissue of the second full length by Papa M, aka David Pajo (Slint, Dead Child, The For Carnation). Originally released in 2001, this recording featured more vocals from the guitarist whose solo releases were typically instrumental before this.
Pink, Ariel and Weyes Blood "Myths 002" LP (Mexican Summer)
Richard, Dawn "Infrared" [Deluxe] LP (Fade to Mind)
Segall, Ty "Self-Titled" CD/LP/Cassette (Drag City) New second self-titled release for the prolific garage rock artist was recorded as a live band that included Ben Boye, Mikal Cronin, Emmett Kelly, and Charles Moothart.
Sleater Kinney "Live In Paris" CD/LP/Cassette (Sub Pop) First ever live album from the trio, recorded 3/20/15 during a sold out show on their international tour in support of their eighth album 'No Cities To Love'. Loser Edition on coke bottle clear vinyl is very limited and sold out at the label already.
Sprout, Tobin "The Universe And Me" LP (Burger Records) Latest outing from Guided By Voices member
Y Pants "Beat It Down" LP (Water Wing) Along with the 12" EP, Water Wing brings us a reissue of Y-Pants' 1982 full length. Toy instrumentation, group vocals and discord abound. First Vinyl reissue.
Y Pants "s/t" 6 song EP LP (Water Wing) First reissue of the original 1980 7" 'Off the Hook' from the New York no wave trio led by Barbara Ess of Theoretical Girls, now expanded with two additional tracks as a 12". Featuring the track "My Favorite Sweater" from the Soul Jazz New York Noise #2 compilation.

Homeboy Sandman "Actual Factual Pterodactyl" CD/LP (Boy Sand Industries) Sandman's first full-length release from 2008 on his own label, this is the first time ever available on vinyl.
Nice, Paul "Drum Library Vol. 14" LP (Super Break Records) Ultra-hard and mega-rare drums compiled from every source imaginable...Volume 14 from DJ Paul Nice.
Seige Monstrocity "S/T" LP (Street Corner Music) Seige's debut LP contains 12 incredible doses of heavy beats, chopped up breaks, and obliterated samples. A Detroit transplant in Los Angeles, both cities are omnipresent at all times.
V/A "NOLA Bounce Breaks Vol. 2" LP (Superjock Records) Quickie Mart, Tony Skratchere and DJ Yamin are back for another installment in the NOLA Bounce Breaks series. Volume 2 gives you even more New Orleans style break beats and samples. Also includes skipless vocal phrases from Bounce artists like Katey Red, Hasizzle and Keno.

Dylan, Bob "The Bootleg Series , Vol. 1-3" 5xLP LP (Legacy) 5 LP box set.

Cash, Johnny "All Aboard the Blue Train with Johnny Cash" LP (Sun Records) Reissue
Clark, Guy "Live From Austin 1989" CD/LP (New West Records) Live recording for Austin City Limits from the late great songwriter.
Keen, Robert Earle "Live Dinner Reunion" LP (Dualtone Music)
Osborn, Richard "Endless" LP (Tompkins Square) First-generation American Primitive guitarist Richard Osborn studied with Robbie Basho in the late 60's. 40 years later, Osborn finally recorded, appearing on Tompkins Square's 'Beyond Berkeley Guitar' comp in 2010. 'Endless' is his first widely available solo guitar album.
Van Zandt, Townes & Guy Clark "Live... Texas '91" (Cactus Cafe, Austin on February 16th, 1991) CD (Klondike)

Amadou Binta Konte and Tidiane Thiam "Waande Kadde" LP (Sahel Sounds) Improvisational session of acoustic guitar and hoddu. Debut release on Sahel Sounds & Mississippi Records new international imprint Songs from Home.
Badu, Jeich Ould And Ahmedou Ahmed Lewla "Top WZN" LP (Sahel Sounds) Instrumental synth and lute from the Sahara desert.
BCUC "Our Truth" LP (Nyami Nyami Records) Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness. Jazz sounds of 1970s and 80s productions.

Interval "Transmit " 12" (Helic.al) NYC based.
Parade Ground "A Room With A View" LP (Other Voices Records) Belgian brothers who were pioneers of cold wave and EBM.
TWINS "Rather Not" 12" (Enfant Terrible) TWINS is Matt Weiner who is also known for his Featureless Ghost project and the head of the DKA Records label

Buzzcocks "Spiral Scratch" 7" (Mute) Official reissue of the first single from 1977, their only release with Howard Devoto on vocals, better known as frontman of Magazine. Featuring the standout track, 'Breakdown'.
Stooges, The "Fun House" LP (Elektra) Colored vinyl reissue.
TSOL "The Trigger Complex" LP (Rise)

Kreator "Gods of Violence" CD/LP/Indie LP (Nuclear Blast) Fourteenth studio album from German thrash pioneers. Limited colored vinyl and deluxe CD+DVD versions available while supplies last.
Opeth "Morningrise" LP (Back On Black) Reissues of the second studio album from 1996
Opeth "My Arms Your Hearse" LP (Back on Black) Reissue of third full length LP from 1998
Opeth "Orchid" LP (Candlelight) Reissue of the first studio album from 1995
Overkill "Horrorscope" LP (Rhino) First ever vinyl reissue of the New Jersey thrash metal band's 1991 released LP.
Psychedelic Witchcraft "The Vision" LP (Soulseller)
Sleep "Clarity" ORANGE VINYL 12" (Southern Lord) Single Sided, Etched, Limited Edition, Repress. Clear vinyl edition. Limited to 1500 copies, self released and distributed exclusively by Southern Lord.
Sleep "Holy Mountain" LP (Earache) New official remastered reissue of the American stoner rock band's ultra classic sophomore LP, released in 1992.

Big Debbie "Dos Lados" 12" (Fantasy)
Emptyset "Borders" LP ( Thrill Jockey) The duo composes within a complex set of self-imposed parameters or rule sets and the results of their expeditions on Borders are at once minimal and visceral. Focusing on shifting timbral changes over melody, Emptyset's work is an exploration of the relationship between rhythm, texture and space. This time the analogue fiends have built their own instruments.
Ricci, Vito "A Symphony For Amiga" LP (Intelligent Instruments) Vito composed all the pieces found on this LP in 'Music Mouse', Laurie Spiegel's pioneering software from the mid-80s. Traversing warbling ambient, warming drone, hypnotic minimalism and elements of aleatoric music.
Space Lady "Greatest Hits" LP (Mississippi Records) The Space Lady began her odyssey on the streets of San Francisco in the late 70s, playing versions of contemporary pop music on accordion and dressed flamboyantly, transmitting messages of peace and harmony.
Twitching Kitten "John Carradine As Dracula" Cassette Hand-made cassette by Austin noise duo T.K. (Twitching Kitten).
Varg "Gravrosens Bortglomda Band" 12" (Semantica)
Vit Fana "Irrgang" LP (Northern Electronics) Debut album of Ossian Ohlsson's Vit Fana project. Representing a new generation of experimental musicians from Scandinavia

Acronym "Yggdrasil" 12" (Semantica)
Collin Strange "Private Room" 12" (L.I.E.S.) Debut LIES release from longrunning purveyor of hardcore acid techno, and formerly of Chicago's Intrinsic Action.
Delroy Edwards "Hangin' At The Beach" LP (LA Club Resource) Producer Delroy Edwards combines the faded '80s vibe of Ariel Pink and John Maus with a sharp eye toward what moves bodies on dance floors today on his foggy debut. Now available on vinyl.
Device Control "Most People" 12" (L.I.E.S.)
Strahinja Arbutina "S/T" 12" (Bank)
v/a "No Payments Rejected" 12" (L.I.E.S.)

OST "Jackie" Mica Levi LP (Milan Records) Moody and orchestral sountrack from the new film 'Jackie', starring Natalie Portman, about the life of first-lady Jackie O. Kennedy, scored by Mica Levi (of the band Micachu & the Shapes), known for composing the fantastic score of 2013 film 'Under the Skin'.

Friday, January 20th

311 "Transistor" LP (Legacy)
A Winged Victory For the Sullen "Iris (Musique Originale)' LP (Erased Tapes) The duo of Adam Wiltzie (also of Stars of the Lid) and Dustin O'Halloran take their cosmic drones to the score for a French erotic thriller called Iris. Available on limited clear vinyl in stores while it lasts.
Alva "Ja Tik Butu..." LP (PSI [Psychedelic Sounds International]) New first ever reissue of the sole release from the Latvian rock group, released in 1978. A mix of ethno rock, folk psychadelia, garage rock, & post-punk.
Austra "Future Politics" CD/LP
Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche "Pas pire pop, I Love You So Much" CD/LP (Constellation) New sophomore release from the French-Canadian kraut-funk quartet. Composed of three suites full of sunny, upbeat guitars, Afrobeat drums and quirky keyboard patches, fun and engaging without becoming too self-aware.
Botany "Dimming Awe, The Light Is Raw" LP (Western Vinyl) The third album from sample-digging drummer and producer Botany sees him ditch the dusty boom-bap echoes for a vast and intricate tapestry of free jazz, devotional voices, soothing drones and surface crackle.
Byrne, Julie "Not Even Happiness" LP (Ba Da Bing!)
Cavern Of Anti-Matter "blood drums" LP (Duophonic) Latest from the instrumental electronic trio band based in Berlin. Now available on vinyl.
Chapman, Michael "50" CD/LP (Paradise of Bachelors) After five decades of recording and touring, veteran British songwriter and guitar sage Michael Chapman makes what he calls his "American record," a late career masterwork by the underrated legend. Backed by a collaborative group of friends and acolytes-Steve Gunn, Nathan Bowles (Pelt), James Elkington (Jeff Tweedy), Jason Meagher (No-Neck Blues Band), Jimy SeiTang (Rhyton), and fellow UK songwriting luminary Bridget St John-Chapman tears into both bold renderings of new songs and radical reinterpretations of material from his revered catalog.
Cherry Glazerr "Apocalipstick" LP (Secretly Canadian) On colored vinyl
Cohen, Tim "Luck Man" LP (Sinderlyn)
Foxygen "Hang" CD/LP/CS (Jagjaguwar) New fifth full-length release for the California indie rock duo of Sam France and Jonathan Rado. Hang is decadent & dramatic eight-song concoction, a joyful, lush and fittingly grandiose suite featuring a full symphony orchestra. Much like Scott Walker doing Jacques Brel. Available on colored vinyl while it lasts.
Gone Is Gone "Echolocation" LP (Rise Records)
Hazlewood, Lee "13" LP (Light In The Attic) 13 was never supposed to be a Lee Hazlewood album. It is perhaps the strangest record in one of the most varied discographies in music. The bombastic brass-heavy funk, deep blues and soul paired with Hazlewood's subterranean baritone would be best enjoyed with a tall Chivas in an off-strip seedy Vegas lounge.
Joan of Arc "He's Got The Whole This Land Is Your Land In His Hands" LP (Joyful Noise Recordings) The latest release for the Chicago indie rock band led by Tim Kinsella.
Mars, Bruno "24K Magic" LP (Atlantic)
Mono "Under the Pipal Tree" LP (Temporary Residence)
Plants "Heavy Leaf" 10" (Flak Records)
Phish "Party Time" LP (JEMP)
Prince "Cream" 12" (Warner Bros Records)
Prince "If I Was Your Girlfriend" 12" (Warner Bros Records)
Prince "You Got The Look" 12" (Warner Bros Records)
Replacements "All Shook Down" LP (Rhino)
Replacements "Don't Tell a Soul" LP (Rhino)
Replacements "Please To Meet Me" LP (Rhino)
Replacements "Tim" LP (Rhino)
Stray Trolleys, The "Barricades and Angels" LP (Captured Tracks)
Telescopes, The "S/T" LP (Radiation Deluxe Series) New reissue the British shogaze/space rock band's self-titled second album, originally released on Creation in 1992. The Telescopes drew inspiration from the '60s psych and rock scene, as well as contemporaries such as My Bloody Valentine, and The Jesus & Mary Chain. Their second LP is a tight batch of hook-laden tunes; An essential piece of UK shoegaze and psychedelia.
XX "I See You" (Deluxe Box Edition) LP (Young Turks) Deluxe version includes the standard vinyl, a bonus 12? with three bonus tracks, an album CD, an enhanced CD with live video and three prints by Alasdair McLellan.

Ghostface Killah "Bulletproof Wallets" LP (Get On Down) Third studio album, available on vinyl for the first time in 15 years.
Pete Rock & CL Smooth "T.R.O.Y (They Reminisce Over You) / Straighten It Out" 7" (Get On Down)
Run-DMC "S/T" Run DMC LP (Get On Down) New reissue of the group's 1984 debut LP

Dylan, Bob "Folksinger's Choice Radio Broadcast" LP (Jambalaya) In early 1962, Cynthia Gooding recorded an interview and performance with the then unknown Bob Dylan, whose first album had yet been released.
Grateful Dead "s/t" LP (Grateful Dead Production) 50th anniversary picture disc edition.

Jansch, Bert "Jack Orion" LP (Superior Viaduct) New reissue of the legendary British folk traditionalists 1965 debut LP, recorded sitting on the edge of the bed and singing into a portable tape recorder on a borrowed guitar.
v/a "Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From the Canyon" LP (Numero Group) By 1970, the folk revival had all but ended. Gone were the heady days of "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" and "If I Had A Hammer." Hootenanny had been cancelled. Broadside was out, Rolling Stone in. Richard Farina was dead; Bob Dylan had plugged in. Paths paved by Joan Baez and Judy Collins had led a younger, more introspective generation of songwriters into the woods, while the ethos forged in weather-beaten hills and tempered on the lower east side of Manhattan was being reborn in the canyons of California, as songs for seagulls crafted in Joni Mitchell's visage. Culled from beyond the crop of crit-revisionist darlings Linda Perhacs, Judee Sill, or Vashti Bunyan, Ladies From The Canyon examines the world of private folk via the works of 14 unlikely heroines who sang beneath the infrastructure of the music business, playing to coffeehouse chatter and church picnic silence. Each of these Wayfaring Strangers walk in the handmade aesthetic of lyrics scribbled into faded denim, of delicate movements captured and released.

Landero, Andres "Yo Amaneci" LP (Vampi Soul ) Andres Gregorio Landero Guerra, born in 1931 in San Jacinto, Colombia brought cumbia to the world. Synonymous with the evolution of this musical genre, Landero managed to charm audiences through a complex weave of compositions, shot through with local nuances and diverse derivations from his native Caribbean province. He constantly sought to create his own language while remaining acutely alive to tradition. Yo Amaneci gathers tracks from 1966 to 1982, taken from his albums on Discos Fuentes and other labels.

Awa Poulo "Poulo Warali" CD/LP (Awesome Tapes From Africa) Highly virtuosic folk-pop, fresh from the studio, broadcasting Awa Poulo's vision of Peulh music beyond the grazing grounds and central markets of her remote home region in southwestern Mali. On Poulo Warali, she and her band combine the hallmarks of Peulh music-warm flute floating over cross-rhythmic n'goni (lute) riffs and resonant calabash gourd hand percussion-with broader Malian sounds like lightly-distorted guitar and a heavier, rollicking inertia. Shape-shifting layers of rhythm and woody overtones match Poulo's commanding voice in a jocular yet deliberate dance.
Shadow "Sweet Sweet Dream" LP (Analog Africa) New reissue of Shadow's (aka Winston Bailey) Sweet Sweet Dreams, originally released in 1984. Shadow first emerged in Trinidad and Tobago during the 1970s and became a part of the tapestry of Caribbean music, reinvigorating calypso. Sweet Sweet Dreams delivers a fantastic sound with monster soca-boogie tunes, fusing a range of rhythms and new sounds, primarily heavy synth riffs - a proto-electronic cocktail.
Wells Fargo "Watch Out" CD+Book/LP (Now Again Records)

Erasmo, Carlos "Carlos, ERASMO" CD/LP (Light In The Attic) New first ever US reissue / pressing of the sophisticated Brazilian singer-songwriter's 1971 LP. As a student and fan of Elvis, Little Richard, Bill Haley, and Chuck Berry, Erasmo indulged his primal rock urges, notably getting sufficiently psychedelic and fuzzy on Carlos, ERASMO. This album is considered a bedrock album within the Brazilian rock scene and a notable late entry in the Tropicalia tradition, rocking harder than any album in his catalog, but also including wispy love songs, soul and funk moves, brassy pop tunes and a marimba-driven ode to marijuana.
Erasmo, Carlos "Erasmo Carlos E Os Tremendoes" CD/LP (Light In The Attic) New first ever US reissue / pressing of the sophisticated Brazilian singer-songwriter's 1970 LP. The songs on Erasmo Carlos E Tremendoes sound like an attempt to appeal to nearly every relevant genre of Brazilian popular music at the turn of the decade. It's a creative, and at times experimental and groundbreaking album that remains a thrilling listen.
Erasmo, Carlos "Sonhos E Memorias 1941-1972" CD/LP (Light In The Attic) New first ever US reissue / pressing of the sophisticated Brazilian singer-songwriter's 1972 LP. Sonhos E Memorias is truly singular within Brazilian pop fusing rock, soul, jazz and singer-songwriter styles. It's simultaneously rootsy, funky, modern and nostalgic.

Archie Shepp & Bill Dixon Quartet, The "S/T" LP (Jeanne Dielman) New reissue of sole LP from The Archie Shepp & Bill Dixon Quartet, originally released in 1962. The debut as a leader for both Archie Shepp and Bill Dixon, two formidable members of the free jazz and avant-garde elite. Features: bassists Reggie Workman and Don Moore, and drummers Paul Cohen and Howard McRae.
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore "Geisterfaust" LP (PIAS) New reissue of the 2005 album from Germany's doom jazz cult band Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, on vinyl for the first time. For fans of SunnO, OM, Max Richter, Fennesz and David Lynch/Angelo Badalamenti.
Dixon Orchestra, Bill "Intents And Purposes" LP (Superior Viaduct)
Stone Alliance "st" LP (Tidal Wave Music)

v/a "Macondo Revisitado: The Roots Of Subtropical Music Uruguay 1975-1979" LP+CD (Vampi Soul) A selection of some of the best recordings from Uruguayan independent label Macondo between 1975 and 1979. Founded by Luis Onel, Macondo Discos initially produced a catalog comprising folk, tango, murga and rock but later produced records representing an important era of tropical music for Uruguay.

Demon Fuzz "Afreaka!" LP (Granadilla Music) New facsimile reissue of the rare debut LP from the African group, released in 1971 -- Afro-beat, funk, psych, jazz rock, fuzz guitar, the works, in long 9-minute tracks like 'Past, Present & Future' & 'Mercy'.

A Projection "Framework" LP+CD (Tapete) Sophomore release from the Swedish group, a dizzy web of dark '80s post-punk, energetic indie rock, and alternative electronic music.
Kozmetika "S/T" LP (Atlantide) New reissue of the sole release from the Serbian new-wave band from Belgrade, active from 1978-1983.
Soft Kill "Choke" LP (Profound Lore)

AFI "AFI" (The Blood Album) LP (Concord)
Code Orange "Forever" LP (Roadrunner Records) New third LP from the Pittsburgh band formally known as Code Orange Kids. Gritty hardcore/punk merging cryptic melody, dirty hardcore power, and intense dirge into their own uniquely inspired sound.
Dead Boys "Young, Loud & Snotty" LP (Rhino) New limited colored vinyl reissue of the Cleveland band's 1977 debut LP.
Dictators "Bloodbrothers" LP (Elektra) New limited colored vinyl reissue of the third full-length from the influential proto-punk/garage band originally from the Bronx, originally released in 1978.
Lunch, Lydia "Honeymoon In Red" LP (Bang! Records) Reissue of this 1987 album featuring members of the Birthday Party
M n' Ms "Melts In Your Ears" CS (Burger Records)
Question "s/t" LP (Fashionable Idiot)
Uniform Choice "Screaming for Change" LP (Southern Lord) One of the greatest hardcore albums reissued on vinyl.
Uniform "Wake in Fright" CD/LP (Sacred Bones Records) Uniform is the industrial metal duo of vocalist Michael Berdan and guitarist/programmer Ben Greenberg. Their fevered, relentless sophomore record is the sound of clawing for survival and sanity. Wake in Fright is Uniform fighting back, leaning more heavily towards their hardcore and metal heritage.
Uranium Club "All Of Them Naturals" LP (Fashionable Idiot)

Kings X "Dogman" LP (Metal Blade)
Kings X "Ear Candy" LP (Metal Blade)
Kings X "s/t" LP (Metal Blade)
Nazgul "De Expugnatione Elfmuth" LP (Zolfo) First time on vinyl for the 2002 underground black metal masterpiece by the mysterious Italian duo. Latin lyrics, baroque arrangements and maleficious attitude.Nuclear Simphony "Lost In Wonderland" LP (Zolfo)
Sinoath "Research" LP (Zolfo) Sicily's renowned death metal band Sinoath released Research, their first full length in 1995 on CD only, before going into a twelve year hiatus. Research finds one of most iconic underground cult groups of the Italian extreme metal scene at the peak of their powers. A pure gem of melodic old school black/death metal. Recommended for all fans of Celtic Frost, Venom and Candlemass.
Sodom "Get What You Deserve" LP (Wax Maniax)

Pink Floyd "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" LP (Legacy)
Pink Floyd "Pulse" CD (Legacy)
Rallizes Denudes, Les "Live 77 Tachikawa" LP (Mono-Tone) New reissue and first ever official vinyl pressing of the historic performance from 1977 in Tachikawa by the mysterious Japanese psych outfit, originally released for the first time in 1991 as a 2CD set. Les Rallizes Denudes are among the earliest and most outer Japanese psyche/noise rock'n'roll bands who existed. The band's style is typified by simple, repetitious instrumental passages, cacophonous guitar feedback and languid guitar strumming, all at lurid volumes and with blase vocals. Their discography is made up mostly of live bootlegs, soundboard archives and even a few rare aborted studio recording attempts, as they have never officially released any of their own material.
Satan "st" LP Monster Melodies First ever release of the lost and only recorded record by the french prog band, recorded in 1973. The group of young students and non-professional musicians produced a unique music between hard rock and progressive and delivered intense shows, inspired by the world of sci-fi and literature. For fans of English blues, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine and Led Zeppelin. Edition of 1,000 numbered copies.
v/a "Gitarijada Vojvodine Kisac '75" LP (Atlantide) Reissue of the 1975 Serbian compilation from a rock competition, limited to 300 copies.
Yes "Going For The One" Picture Disc LP (Atlantic)

Basinski, William "A Shadow In Time" CD/LP (Temporary Residence) Brand new two-track release from the legendary experimental artist, made and released as a tribute to David Bowie. On A Shadow In Time, Basinski tries not merely to locate Bowie's ghost in the machine, but to find its cross-dressing, orange-haired, anisocoric-eyed soul locked somewhere inside the hard electronic casing of the world. An audio sculpture of serenity and bliss to begin 2017 and put what was a saddening year for music to bed.
Oliveros, Pauline & Connie Crothers "Live At The Stone" CD (Important) This recording, the only performance of Pauline Oliveros with Connie Crothers, is from Crothers's residency at The Stone in August of 2014. Sadly, Pauline Oliveros passed away on November 25, 2016. This CD, Pauline's memorial for Connie, is now a memorial for both women.

Biosphere "Cirque" LP (Biophon Norway) New reissue of Geir Jenssen's fourth full-lenth as Biosphere, originally released in 2000. Jenssen is a Norwegian musician known for his works of ambient techno and arctic-themed pieces, his use of music loops, and peculiar samples from sci-fi sources. A perfectly constructed 47-minute sequence: cold clarity up against real depth of field, a waking dream. Reissue includes a second LP of 6 unreleased tracks.
Croatian Amor "The World" LP (Posh Isolation) New 2016 repress of the 2014 debut album by Danish duo Croatian Amor. The World runs like a soundtrack on which the actors's voices were never cut from the score, field recordings and synth blends together in a beautiful yet nauseating audio pool.
Harris, Xander / Jezzebeam CS (Pleasure Cruis)
Kang, Eyvind / Tashi Dorji "Mother Of All Saints (Puppet On A String)" LP (Unrock)
Leimer, K. "Land Of Look Behind" LP (Palace Of Lights) Originally released in 1982, this is the soundtrack for Alan Greenberg's film documenting the funeral of Bob Marley.
Merzbow & Balazs Pandi "Live At FAC251" CD (Cold Spring Records ) Merzbow, joined on stage by Hungarian drummer Balazs Pandi (The Sun Ra Arkestra, Bill Laswell, Justin Broadrick, Bong-Ra, Venetian Snares). Recorded in 2016 at the legendary FAC251 building, the original Factory Records' headquarters. Gatefold digisleeve, edition of 500.
Oto Hiax "S/T" LP (Editions Mego)
Raum "Event Of Your Leaving" Grouper Cantu-Ledesma LP (Glass, House)
Sheffield, Andrew Colin & James Eck Rippie "Essential Anatomies II" CS (Elevator Bath)

Basic Channel "Basic Channel 2" CD (Basic Channel) 2008 Basic Channel compilation featuring full-length versions of six of the label's landmark club tracks, released as 12"s, 1993-1995.
Tycho "Epoch" CD/LP (Ghostly International) This is the fourth full-length studio release for the Scott Hansen-solo-project-turned-ambient-trio, the final installment of the trilogy that Hansen began back in 2011 fully underlines his strength, deftness and creative dexterity as a producer. Available on colored vinyl while it lasts.

OST "Burning, The" Rick Wakeman CS (One Way Static)
OST "Howling, The (1981)" Pino Donaggio LP (Waxwork)
OST "Perfect Blue (1997)" Masahiro Ikumi LP (Tiger Lab)
OST Shore, Howard "The Fly" LP (Varese Sarabande)
OST "Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan" James Horner LP (Mondo)

Friday, January 13th

Cavern Of Anti-Matter "Blood Drums" CD (Duophonic)
Eno, Brian "Reflection" CD/LP (Warp) Latest solo ambient release from the British artist consisting of one 54-minute track recorded in one live take. As with much of Eno's work, Reflection is the kind of album useful for getting ideas percolating and nourishing interior worlds.
Flaming Lips, The "Oczy Mlody" CD/LP (WEA) New 15th full-length studio release for the psychedelic rock band led by Wayne Coyne. Somewhere in the haze lurks their old knack for writing great, off-kilter pop songs that reflect and escape the bewildering world around us.
Japandroids "Near To The Wild Heart Of Life" 7" (Anti-Records) New single from the Canadian indie rock duo released in advance of their first new full-length LP since 2012.
Lilys "In The Presence of Nothing" LP (Frontier) New first ever 2LP 180 gram reissue of the DC indie shoegaze band's 1992 debut LP, reissued here for the first time in 20 years. A fantastic response to My Bloody Valentine's 'Loveless'. The band's first swirling statement is also possibly their crowning achievement. Includes three bonus tracks.
Nirvana "Incesticide" LP (Geffen) Back on Record Store Day 2012, Nirvana put out a 20th anniversary double-vinyl reissue of their essential 1992 rarities compilation Incesticide. It was just a limited release, but now, for its 25th anniversary, it gets a proper release. Remastered from the original analog master tapes and recording sources.
Over the Rhine "Ohio" LP (Great Speckled Dog Records) New repress
Prince "Kiss" 12" (Warner Bros Records)
Sohn "Rennen" CD/LP (4AD)
Warpaint "Whiteout" 7" (Rough Trade)
XX "I See You" CD/LP (Young Turks) New third full-length release for the British indie pop trio. Using samples for the first time, they have tweaked their sound in myriad ways, while still retaining the sense of proximity within spaciousness for which they are famous. I See You is more nuanced and upbeat than their previous records enhancing their blueprint rather than completely redrawing it. Available on clear vinyl while it lasts.

Hendrix, Jimi "Stone Free / Lover Man" 7" (Sundazed)
Mitchell, Joni "The Hissing Of Summer Lawns" LP
Iron Butterfly "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" LP (Atlantic)
Reed, Lou "American Poet" LP (Easy Action) Deluxe edition
Young, Neil "Peace Trail" LP

John Prine "S/T" LP (Atlantic) First reissue of the country folk musician's 1971 debut in almost 30 years. A fantastic balance of sad with a sense of humor, poignant and earnest lyrics paired with an overdriven guitar sound. Available on 180 gram vinyl for the first time.

Run The Jewels "Run The Jewels 3" LP (Run The Jewels, Inc.) New third LP from the duo of El-P and Killer Mike. RTJ3is essentially the Run the Jewels manifesto, an outpouring of rage and defiance that never loses sight of the objective. Run the Jewels fans rejoice this album is full of bangers and achieves what so many hip-hop heads, old and new, are longing for: music with a message, loud and clear. Features contributions from Danny Brown, Zack de la Rocha, Tunde Adebimpe (TV on the Radio), Boots, and Kamasi Washington. Available on gold vinyl while it lasts.
Kid Cudi "Passion, Pain & Dragon Slayin'" CD (Republic)

Jungle Fire "NUSAU b/w La Kossa" 7" (Colemine)
Orgone "Bulletproof b/w PCH" 7" (Colemine)
Soul Scratch "Pushing Fire" CD/LP (Colemine) "Raw soul and funk music crafted to perfection." Wailing vocals, soaring horns, and a super tight rhythm section. With a dirty production style, Soul Scratch serves up something that's familiar, fresh, and never more relevant.

Sun Ra "The Space Age Is Here to Stay" CD/LP (Modern Harmonic)

Emperor "In The Nightside Eclipse" LP (Candlelight) New colored vinyl reissue of the Norwegian black metal band's 1994 studio debut. First vinyl reissue in 10 years.
Emperor "IX Equilibrium" LP (Candlelight)
Emperor "Prometheus: The Discipline Of Fire & Demise" LP (Candlelight)

Ahoe-Ahoea "True Love Never Dies" LP (Bunkerpop) First ever reissue of the 1983 self-released cassette from the short-lived Netherlands post punk band. On vinyl for the first time.
Arctic Flowers / Infinite Void "split" 7" (Mass Media)
Aus Rotten "The System Works For Them" LP
Bellicose Minds "Creature" LP (Black Water)
Heat "s/t" 7" (Deranged)
Horror Vacui "Return of the Empire" CS (Black Water)
Nip Drivers "Destroy Whitey" LP (Slope) New first ever reissue of the Southern California debut statement from 1984. Reissued here on limited white vinyl.
Not Shit "Demo 2017" CS
Phoebe "s/t" CS (Abnormal Broadcasting)
Severed Head of State "Power Hazard" CD (Havoc)
Turbonegro "Hot For Nietzsche / Special Education" CS (Burger Records) New limited cassingle from the Norwegian rock band. Edition of 250.

Death In June "The World That Summer" LP (Pylon) New limited 30th Anniversary reissue of the 1986 LP, including 3 bonus tracks. Deluxe gatefold jacket, massive fold out poster, pressed to red translucent vinyl and limited to 700 copies world wide.

Bad Noids "It's A Doggie Bag World" 7" (Feel It Records)
Crypt Vapor "Tombe Della Citta" LP (Death Shadow)

Baba Yaga "Featuring Ingo Werner" LP (Wah Wah) First ever vinyl reissue of the 1974 album by Baba Yaga, the project led by German mulit-instrumentalist Ingo Werner, formerly of My Solid Garden. Backed on drums and guitar by highly regarded musicians, Werner recorded a splendid album of progressive rock (with touches of psych and avant garde) that's highly recommended to fans of British bands s.a. Caravan, Cressida, Arzachel, Aardvark and Greenslade. Edition of 500.
Bodast "Spectral Nether Street" LP (Wah Wah)
Eyes of Blue "Crossroads of Time" LP (Wah Wah)
Eyes of Blue "In Fields Of Ardath" LP (Wah Wah)
Sweet Marie "1" LP (Wah Wah)
Wales, Howard "Rendezvous With the Sun" LP (Wah Wah)

Future Museums "Visible Nest" CS (Keeled Scales) Lush piano drones from the local label.

Bonobo "Migration" LP (Ninja Tune) New sixth full-length release for the Los Angeles-based British electronic producer. Simon Green's latest is an intricate, fine-tuned return to form, one that both soothes and thrills with delirious yet serene, wistful, lullaby-esque melodies and gauzy textures. Limited deluxe double heavyweight 180g vinyl edition available for now, in gatefold sleeve with gold foil print and a 32 page zine.
Chemical Brothers "Further" LP (Astralwerks)
Chemical Brothers "Surrender" LP (Astralwerks)
Chemical Brothers "Dig Your Own Hole" LP (Astralwerks)
Chemical Brothers "Exit Planet Dust" LP (Astralwerks)
Dillon, Beatrice "Can I Change My Mind?" 12" (Boomkat Editions)

Brave New World "Impressions on Reading Aldous Huxley" LP (Wah Wah)
OST "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" LP (ECG)
OST "La La Land" LP (Interscope) Composed and orchestrated by Justin Hurwitz, the soundtrack to the critically acclaimed film La La Land is available here on vinyl. Features vocal performances from the film's stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.
Sexedelic "S/T" LP (Wah Wah) With their charming look of exploitation LPs, Sexedelic's 'Sexedelic' and it's sister album 'The Vampire's Sound Incorporation's Psychedelic Dance Party' hide the joint works of German comoseres Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab that were used on three classic circa 1970 b-movies directed by Spanish film maker Jess Franco.
Vampires' Sound Incorporation "Psychedelic Dance Party" (Vampyros Lesbos OST) LP (Wah Wah) With their charming look of exploitation LPs, Sexedelic's 'Sexedelic' and it's sister album 'The Vampire's Sound Incorporation's Psychedelic Dance Party' hide the joint works of German comoseres Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab that were used on three classic circa 1970 b-movies directed by Spanish film maker Jess Franco.

Creepshow 2 (Blu-Ray) BluRay (Arrow Video)

"I Said That: Volume 1: The Dicks" by Gary Floyd & David Ensminger BK (Left of the Dial Books) Gary Floyd was, in his own words, "A big fat, shit talking, commie, punk rocking, loud-mouthed, Queer." Although he denies being a force of sexual liberation, hardcore punk, or even the unique sound of blues influenced punk; The Dicks never went limp on the scene. Even after leaving the band for the call of San Francisco, the story didn't end and is now retold in this bound zine, including interviews, posters, lyrics, and never before seen photos.

Friday, December 16th

Beck "Odelay" (Geffen) LP First official US reissue of the standard edition LP of Beck's highly acclaimed follow-up to 'Mellow Gold' since it's initial release in 1996. No longer a 'Loser'. He's "got two turntables and a microphone." He also has a sweeping aesthetic that sees no reason why musical allusions to hip-hop, the Beatles, James Brown, punk, Gram Parsons, cool jazz, and Dylan can't coexist in the same song. Featuring 'Devil's Haircut', 'The New Pollution', and 'Where It's At'.
CC Dust "Shinkansen No. 1 / New Ways" 7" (Night School) New 7" from the Olympia, WA new wave punk duo of Mary Jane Dunphe (of the group Vexx) and bassist/producer David Jacques.
City and Colour "Bring Me Your Love" LP
Fall Out Boy "From Under The Cork Tree" LP (Island) New 180 gram reissue of the Chicago pop punk band's 2005 LP.
Fall Out Boy "Infinity on High" LP (Island) New 180 gram reissue of the Chicago pop punk band's 2007 LP.
Gainsbourg, Serge "Love on the Beat" LP Import
Hold Steady "Boys And Girls In America" 2LP (Vagrant) New remastered reissue of the band's third LP, originally released in 2006.
Lady Gaga "Joanne" LP (Interscope) New fifth full-length from the pop artist. 'Joanne' finds her letting go of the dance club sound for the dive bar. Features a duet with Florence Welch.
Modern Lovers "S/T" LP (Music On Vinyl) The band's 1976 debut LP back in print, now on 180 gram.
Mulcahy, Mark "Dear Mark J Mulcahy I Love You" LP (Fire)
Mulcahy, Mark "Fathering" LP (Mezzotint)
Orange "The Complete Recordings" LP (Saint Marie) Complete discography for the underrated Shoegaze/Dreampop band. Orange/White Vinyl.
Polaris "Music From The Adventures Of Pete And Pete" LP (Mezzotint) The formerly fictional band's only LP gets special reissue, on colored vinyl.
Soundgarden "Badmotorfinger" LP New 25th Anniversary edition of the break through third LP, released in 1991. Features 'Rusty Cage', 'Outshined', and 'Jesus Christ Pose'. Reissued on two 180 gram LPs with an etching on side four and removable lenticular cover. Comes with download card. Side Four is etched.
Thrice "Illusion of Safety" LP (Sub City) Limited reissue

Legend, John "Darkness & Light" LP (Columbia)
NxWorries "Yes Lawd" CD/2LP (Stones Throw) Debut full-length release from the collaboration between Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge, now back in stock on vinyl.
Stro Elliott "S/T" LP (Street Corner Music)
V/A "Sofie's SOS Tape" LP (Stones Throw)

Drakulas "Raw Wave" LP (Dirtnap) New debut LP from the Austin punk band featuring members of Riverboat Gamblers and Rise Against.
Face to Face "Big Choice" LP (Fat Wreck Chords)
Lowest Form "Personal Space" LP (Harbinger Sound)
Madball "Demonstrating My Style" LP (Music On Vinyl) Audiophile reissue
Personal and the Pizzas "S/T" LP (Slovenly)
Sheer Mag "Compilation" LP (Wilsuns RC) New debut 12" from the Philadelphia garage punk band collects their hard-rocking and catchy triptych of 7" EPs, with new mastering on the first two.
Spazz "Sweatin' II: Deported Live Gorilla" CD (Tankcrimes)
SPILL "Top Ten" LP (No Sleep Records)

Ash Borer "The Irrepassable Gate" CD (Profound Lore)
Blood Incantation "Starspawn" CD Dark (Descent)
Deathspell Omega "The Synarchy of Molten Bones" CD (Season of Mist)
Sodom "Obsessed By Cruelty" LP (Wax Maniax) Reissue of the 1986 LP from the German three-piece speed/thrash metal band.

Rolling Stones, The "Blue & Lonesome" LP (Interscope) Recorded over three days, the latest full-length release of blues covers for the rock band features Eric Clapton on guitar on two tracks. Artistically satisfying because it's the Rolling Stones allowing themselves to simply lay back and play for sheer enjoyment.
Rush "2112" LP (Mercury) 40th Anniversary 3LP reissue

Parton, Dolly "Coat of Many Colors" LP (Music On Vinyl)

v/a "Togo Soul 70: Selected Rare Togolese Recordings From 1971 To 1981" LP (Hot Casa)

Maia, Tim "S/T" (1977) LP (Vinilisssimo)

v/a "Kwangkay: Funerary Music Of The Dayak Benuaq Of Borneo" LP (Sublime Frequencies) New collection of music associated with the kwangkay, the secondary mortuary ritual celebrated by the Dayak Benuaq. Featured here are two different versions of the ngerangkau, with long, trance-inducing rhythmic gong patterns. 'Titi Mati" is a gong piece commonly played to proclaim the recent death of a villager. The last recording is a nocturnal soundscape of a village by the river Mahakam.
v/a "Music Of The Bahnar People From The Central Highlands Of Vietnam" LP (Sublime Frequencies) New collection of music from the Bahnar people of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Perhaps the first-ever release to introduce the full range of Bahnar musical instruments and styles, including gong ensemble, bamboo zither, bamboo xylophone, bamboo fiddle with mouth resonator, and folk songs. The Bahnar's music has been passed down through the ages in each village but is now endangered because of cultural assimilation.

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore "Black Earth" LP (PIAS) New reissue of Black Earth by the German doom jazz cult band, originally released in 2002.
Davis, Miles "Big Fun" LP (Music On Vinyl) Audiophile reissue
Davis, Miles "Black Beauty / Miles Davis At Fillmore West" LP (Music On Vinyl) New 180 gram remastered audiophile reissue of the 1973 double LP, recorded live in San Francisco 1970.
Davis, Miles "Nefertiti" LP (Music On Vinyl) New 180 gram remastered audiophile reissue of the second release from the quintet, capturing one of Miles Davis' last great bands at its height. Originally released in 1967.
Hancock, Herbie "Sextant" LP (Music On Vinyl)

Brown, Errol "Orthodox Dub" LP (Dubstore)
Zukie, Tapper "Escape From Hell" LP (Jamaican Recordings) New reissue of Tapper Zukie's 1977 LP. Prince Jammy fills engineer Philip Smart's position on Escape From Hell. The album makes great use of Tapper's extraordinary Channel One rhythms cut with Sly and Robbie's The Revolutionaries.

Baby Huey "The Living Legend" LP Music On Vinyl New 180 gram reissue of the Richmond soul singer's only release, from 1971.
Nite-Liters, The "S/T" LP (Nature Sounds) New first ever reissue of the American funk group's 1970 debut.
Simone, Nina "It Is Finished" LP (Music on Vinyl)

Marcano, Paul & LightDreams "10,001 Dreams" 2LP (Got Kinda Lost Records)

v/a "(The Microcosm): Visionary Music of Continental Europe, 1970-1986" 3LP (Light In The Attic) New boxset compilation, includes tracks from Vengelis, Ash Ra Tempel, Popol Vuh, Ariel Kalma, Gigi Masin, etc. Now available on colored vinyl, while it lasts.

Bender, John "Plaster Falling" LP (Superior Viaduct) New reissue of the minimal electronic home recordist's sophomore LP, originally released in 1981.

808 State "808:90" LP (Music on Vinyl) Expanded reissue
Grantby "The Beast System" LP (Static Caravan)
Nicolas Jaar "Sirens" LP (Other People) New second full-length solo release for the Chilean electronic producer, his first in five years. As with his last LP there's a lot of breath and unpredictability to his soundscapes.
Talabot, John "Voices" 12" (Permanent Vacation)

Anal Magic and Rev. Dwight Frizzell "Beyond The Black Crack" LP (Paradigm Discs)
Burial Hex "Throne" CD (Cold Spring Records)
Esplendor Geometrico "Fungus Cerebri: Selected Tracks From Cassettes 1981-1989" 2LP (Geometrik) New collection of tracks from the Spanish industrial duo originally released on cassette and recorded between 1981-1989. Minimalism, raw and harsh analog electronica, distortion, Arabic sounds, shortwave radio recordings, released in an edition of 700.
Parker, Jeff "Slight Freedom" LP (Eremite)
Vainio, Mika "Mannerlaatta" 3LP (Ideal Recordings) Mika Vainio's soundtrack for a "74 minute Lettrist film made entirely without a camera" by Finnish film maker Mika Taanila, his third collaboration with Taanila. As Vainio tends to use a set-up of a homebuilt kit, unchanged from his very earliest productions, each release is effectively a subtle alteration/refinement of his brutal but tactile process.

OST "Burning, The" Rick Wakeman LP (One Way Static)
OST "Daredevil - Season One" John Paesano LP (Mondo)
OST "Fountain, The" Clint Mansell LP (Mondo)
OST "Gremlins" Jerry Goldsmith LP (Mondo)
OST "Jessica Jones - Season One" Sean Callery LP (Mondo)
OST "Lost Highway" LP (Music On Vinyl At the Movies)
OST "North By Northwest (1959)" Bernard Hermann 2LP (Silva Screen)
OST "Over The Garden Wall" The Blasting Company LP (Mondo)
OST "Titanic (1997)" James Horner ft. Celine Dion LP (Music On Vinyl At The Movies)

Friday, December 9th

Beck "Guero" LP Back in print on vinyl for the first time since it's original release in 2005.
Breast Massage "Cruisin' For Filth" CS (Infinity Cat)
Elephant Stone "Ship Of Fools" LP/CS (Burger) Fourth full length album from this Canadian trio.
Enemies "Valuables" LP (Topshelf Records)
His Name Is Alive "Patterns Of Light" LP (London London)
Solange "A Seat at the Table" LP (Columbia) Her new third full-length album, is the work of a woman who's truly grown into herself, a cathartic yet poised album, one that weighs a ton and levitates. Features guest appearances from Nia Andrews, BJ The Chicago Kid, The Dream, Kelela, Lil Wayne, Q-Tip, Kelly Rowland, & more. Now available on vinyl!
Theoreme "L'appel Du Midi A Midi Pile" LP (Bruit Direct Disques) Blistering solo debut from the member of Sida. Chopped up minimalist electro French post-punk.
Woods "Live at Third Man" LP (Third Man)
XX "On Hold" 7" Post-electoral malaise notwithstanding, the forlorn euphoria of "On Hold" also finds the xx facing down a new frontier.

T. Rex "Catch a Bright Star (Live in Cardiff)" LP (Easy Action)
T. Rex "The Cockpit Theatre" LP (Easy Action)
Zappa, Frank "Lumpy Gravy" LP (Zappa Records)
Zappa, Frank "We're Only In It For The Money" LP (Zappa Records)
Zappa, Frank "Weasels Ripped My Flesh" LP (Zappa Records)

Kacey Musgraves "A Very Kacey Christmas" LP (Mercury Nashville) Mercury Nashville's Kacey Musgraves' first holiday album, featuring Leon Bridges, Willie Nelson & The Quebe Sisters. The album features four festive original tracks, co-written by Musgraves, as well as covers of eight holiday favorites.
Owens, Buck "The Complete Capitol Singles: 1957-1966" 2CD (Omnivore) Taken from the original mono, single reels, The Complete Capitol Singles: 1957-1966 collects all 56 sides from that period, including 13 #1's, in their original and chronological form. Newly remastered, and featuring liner notes from Buck's autobiography, plus an introduction by Dwight Yoakam.

Leonard Cohen "You Want It Darker" LP (Columbia) The new 14th and final record from the late Canadian singer-songwriter & poet. A bleak masterpiece for hard times. It's hard to imagine a richer, finer or more satisfying finale than this. 180 gram.
Van Zandt, Townes "Nashville Sessions" LP (Charly) Reissue of sort-of lost album by the songwriter's songwriter. It includes a lavish sleeve featuring Milton Glaser's original artwork, an illustrated twelve-page booklet, and splendid liner notes by Rob Hughes of this parish. It has also been remastered from the original tapes.
Van Zandt, Townes "Texas Rain" 2LP (Charly) In the late 1980s, Texas singer-songwriter Townes Van Zandt set out to re-record many of his classic compositions for an envisioned box set entitled NEWOLOGY. 12 of these recordings finally surfaced in 2001 on the Tomato release TEXAS RAIN. Each of the tracks features a guest artist who provides a duet vocal. Featuring Emmylou Harris, Freddy Fender, Calvin Russell, Jerry Jeff Walker, Willie Nelson, Kimmie Rhodes, James McMurty, Doug Sahm, & more.

Cole, J "4 Your Eyez Only" CD J. Cole releases his latest project 4 Your Eyez Only and it's something entirely novel, fresh, and introspective.
Jonwayne "Here You Go" LP (Street Corner Music) Originally released as download only in 2015, the entirety of the "Here You Go" instrumental/beat project receives a deluxe vinyl treatment with 10 bonus tracks.
KRS-One "Return of the Boom Bap" BLUE 2LP + 7" LP (Fat Beats)
Lanez, Tory "I Told You" LP (Interscope) On his debut album, the Toronto artist provides his origin story, and proves just how hard it is to escape from the long shadow of Drake. Includes the platinum singles "Say It" and "Luv".
MNDSGN & Ahwlee "A Rap Vacation X-mas with..." LP (Rap Vacation) Holiday jazz favorites remixed and hip-hop jingle bell beats will help you mix it up for this special time of year.

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard "Y Proffwyd Dwyll" LP (New Heavy Sounds)
Satanic Warmaster "Black Metal Kommando" CD (Werewolf) CD compilation of all of their early singles.
Stilla "Skuggflock" LP (Bindrune)
SUMAC "Before You I Appear" LP (Thrill Jockey)
Waldgefluster / Panopticon "Split" LP (Bindrune)

Extreme Noise Terror "Holocaust In Your Head" LP (Let Them Eat Vinyl)
Kleenex / Liliput "First Songs" LP (Kill Rock Stars) Collection of early tracks from the legendary Swiss punk band from the late '70s. First Songs combines all the band's pre-1982 material - three Kleenex singles, the first two Liliput 7-inches, and all the originally unreleased material prior to Liliput's debut LP. Like the Slits and the Raincoats, they took advantage of punk's anything-goes attitude and created jittery, spirited pop, taking stylistic cues from peers like Gang of Four and Wire - propulsive bass, skittering pop rhythms, slashing guitars - and adding distinctive overlapping vocal patterns, which are sung, shrieked, and hiccuped in three languages and made-up dadaistic slang. More than 20 years on, it still sounds fresh.

Ambiance "(Gida Gida) Tight & Tidy" LP High Jazz
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore "Black Earth" CD (PIAS) New reissue of Black Earth by the German doom jazz cult band, originally released in 2002.
Sun Ra "I Roam The Cosmos" LP (Art Yard) An unreleased, previously unheard 1972 live session recorded at Slug's Saloon in New York. Fronting a stellar 18-piece incarnation of the Arkestra known as the Solar Arkestra, I Roam The Cosmos finds Sun Ra taking the listener on a poetic journey to the outer limits of planetary awareness. Limited 180 gram vinyl pressing.
Sun Ra "Singles" 3LP/CD (Strut) Sun Ra released numerous 45 RPM singles; one-off meteorites from his prolific cosmic journey. Working closely with Sun Ra LLC and Art Yard Records, it is with great pride that Strut presents a definitive collection of the rare singles released by Sun Ra across his illustrious career, spanning 1952 to 1991.

Maia, Tim "s/t" 1972 CD (Oficial Arquivos)
Maia, Tim "s/t" 1973 CD (Oficial Arquivos)

Hutch, Willie "Seasons For Love" LP (Be With)
Hutch, Willie "Soul Portrait" LP (Be With)

Beausoleil, Bobby "Lucifer Rising" LP (Ajna) Original Soundtrack for the Kenneth Anger Film "Lucifer Rising". Composed by Bobby BeauSoleil who is joined in the performances by his prison band, The Freedom Orchestra, recorded 1975 - 1979 at Tracy Prison.
Brown, Bobby "Prayers of a One Man Band" LP (Del Rio Records) New first ever reissue of the third and final record from outsider musician, multi-instrumentalist, inventor, mystical physicist and world traveler Bobby Brown. Written and recorded entirely by Bobby on homemade instruments, is unlike any other in scope and originality, a swirling mix of synthesizers, wood percussion, Hawaiian folklore and new age poetry. Originally self-released by Bobby in 1982, it sees light for the first time in 33 years thanks to the new Austin based label. RIYL The Beach Boys, Harry Partch, Lindsay Buckinham, or Harry Nilsson, maybe.
Dello, Pete & Friends "Into Your Ears" LP (Got Kinda Lost)
East Of The Valley Blues "Death Is Not The End" LP (Death Is Not The End)
Goblin "Live 1978" LP (BTF) Classic line-up, classic setlist, captured live in Italy. Issued for the very first time on vinyl.
Horse "For Twisted Minds Only" LP (Rise Above Relics)
Kenny Rogers and First Edition "Live 1972" CS (Burger)
Slapp Happy (with Faust) "Acnalbasac Noom" LP+CD (Tapete) New vinyl reissue of Slapp Happy's Acnalbasac Noom, originally released in 1980. The second album from the band made up of one-time members of Henry Cow, recorded with UK musicians in 1974, eschewed the heavy rock idioms of the era for an anti-macho playfulness that presaged the sparseness of post punk and the dry jangle of early indie. With a backing band made up of members of Faust. These original recordings were buried in the vaults not to reemerge until 1980 as Acnalbasac Noom. LP version is 180 gram vinyl, includes a CD and is in an edition of 500.
Slapp Happy (with Faust) "Sort Of" LP+CD (Tapete) New vinyl reissue of the 1972 debut LP from the band made up of three one-time members of Henry Cow, they are backed up here by members of Faust. 180 gram vinyl, includes a CD and is in an edition of 500.

Catalano, Massimo & Remigio Ducros "La Fatica" LP (Intervallo) First ever reissue of the 1971 Italian library record, Featuring Massimo Catalano, skilled jazz trumpet player, with Remigio Ducros, composer, piano player and author of some rare and extremely refined library albums. La Fatica is a weird, hard-to-file item, mixing avant-garde, prog moods, electro rhythms, jazz and musique concrete. Reissued in an edition of 400.
Kema (AKA Giulia De Muittis) "Alle Sorgenti Delle Civilta" 10" (Cacophonic) New reissue from pioneering female Italian film music composer/arranger/multi-instrumentalist Giulia De Muittis. De Muittis was one of the founding figures of Giallo film music and Italian psych soundtracks. This release compiles her contributions of Folkmusic releases Alle Sorgenti Delle Civilta volumes One and Two. De Muittis's seldom heard self-initiated solo work for small independent Italian library music imprints reveal a unique multi-instrumentalist female composer working at her most intimate and uncompromised best.
Peymont "Cibernetica" LP (Intervallo) New first ever reissue of David Hoyt Kimball's second LP as Peymont, released in 1971. A gem of electronic experimentation with automated controls, auto-regulation, information theory - abstract, uncommon and rarely used concepts at the time of the recording. reissued in an edition of 400.

Reich, Steve / Terry Riley "Six Pianos / Keyboard Study #1" LP (Film Germany) Newly released interpretation of Steve Reich's "Six Pianos". Informed by club music as well as their classical education, the interpretation here sees the new ensemble play six different grand pianos in six different locations throughout Germany, each pianist performing his part on his piano and passing the recording over to the next one. Terry Riley's "Keyboard Study #1" is a good companion for Reich's composition. The piece is a building set of ever lengthening, repetitive patterns. Now available on vinyl.

AK Musick "S/T" LP (Mental Experience)
Becker / Stegman / Zeumer "Ich Trauma So Leise Von Dir" 12" (Music From Memory) Music From Memory present a partial reissue of the 1987 LP by Heinz Becker, Karl-Heinz Stegmann and Isabel Zeumer -- a great one off German studio project with spoken word and electronics.
Kenney, Jessika & Eyvind Kang "Reverse Tree" LP (Black Truffle) New LP from the acclaimed duo of Eyvind Kang and Jessika Kenney. Two powerful voices working at a unique intersection of contemporary composition, improvisation, and Asian traditional music forms. On Reverse Tree, the duo expand their work together into the realm of the chamber ensemble, presenting two side-long works.
M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi) "Mectpyo Bakterium" LP (Menstrual Recordings)
M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi) "Telmegiddo / Bakterihabitat" MB LP (Menstrual Recordings)
M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi) "Triumph of the Will" + 7" LP (Menstrual Recordings) The material contained here was previously issued under the moniker Leibstandarte SS MB. The moniker and the nazi speeches that were added to the music were used without Maurizio Bianchi knowledge and without his consent. This is the first official vinyl re-issue. Also the track contained on the one sided 7" is officially re-issued here for the first time on vinyl! Edition of 300 copies numbered copies.
New Blockaders "Seinsart" LP (Menstrual Recordings)

Demdike Stare "Wonderland" 3CD/2LP (Modern Love) New full-length from the UK duo of Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty, their first album since 2012's Elemental. From clipped hard-styles, to exotica/house refractions and jaunty dancehall mutations, Wonderland is a more enjoyable and loose-limbed affair than most in their catalog. CD version comes in a deluxe six-panel digifile and this first edition includes Wonderland plus two extra discs containing all of the duos Testpressings 12" series, on digital formats for the first time.
Mr. Oizo "All Wet" 2LP+CD (Ed Banger) New record from French modern electro producer Quentin Dupieux, featuring appearances by Peaches, Boys Noize, Skrillex, Charli XCX, and more.
Romans "Valere Aude" LP (The Bunker New York) New debut LP from the collaborative project of New York techno producer Gunnar Haslam and Vienna-based acid evangelist Johannes Auvinen (aka Tin Man). Building on the blueprint they sketched with the Ambulare Aude EP, Valere Aude is a steamy, moody record, experimenting with atmospheres, tempos, and sounds. 12 tracks of hallucinogenic, psychedelic techno, Valere Aude is an acid-etched trip toward the outer reaches.

"Isn't It Lupintic?: Lupin The Third TV Special Original Sound Track" by Yuji Ono, You & Explosion Band LP (Victory, Italy) Reissue of the soundtrack originally released on CD in 1999. Yuji Ohno is a Japanese jazz musician, principally known for his musical scoring of Japanese anime. His most well-known works are for the anime-television series Lupin The Third and the feature film The Castle Of Cagliostro from 1979. The tracks for Lupin The Third are oozing with seventies cool and great funky tunes.
OST "Deathgasm" Various Artists LP (Death Waltz)
OST "Heaven And Hell (1969)" Egil Monn-Iversen Orchestra LP (Moving Music)
OST "Jan Zonder Vrees" Alain Pierre LP (Stroom)
OST "Killing Spree" Perry Monroe LP (Terror Vision) First time the 1987 score has been released on any format.
OST "Lagrange Point" Konami Kukeiha Club LP (Ships To Shore)
OST "Last Wave, The (1977)" Chares Wain LP (Roundtable) Lost electronic score from the enigmatic composer Charles Wain for Peter Weir's 1977 Australian New Wave classic.
OST "Nella Stretta Morsa Del Ragno" by Riz Ortolani LP (Dagored) Riz Ortolani's complete score for the 1971 film. A dark and heavy sound for this incredible instrumental soundtrack with eavy guitars, piano suites, harpsicord passages, deep bass all over - very similar to Ennio Morricone's horror soundtracks of the period. Edition of 500 on red vinyl.
OST "Walkabout (1971)" John Barry LP (Roundtable) The premiere soundtrack release to Nicolas Roeg's 1971 New Wave masterpiece. A lost hallucinogenic score from acclaimed film composer John Barry.

Miss Sharon Jones! DVD (Daptone) Two-time Academy Award winner Barbara Kopple shines a powerful & inspiring spotlight on the late contemporary soul queen.

TOTAL CHAOS: The Story of the Stooges / As Told by Iggy Pop BK (Third Man Books)

Friday, December 2nd

Beck "Sea Change" (DGC) LP New reissue of Beck's critically acclaimed 2002 album, a more serious and mature affair as a whole more in line with his work on records like Mutations. Understated studio portraits of beauty & sadness, available for a fair price again after many years of being unavailable.
Bedhead "1992 - 1996" 5LP (Numero Group) Limited Numero exclusive box set.
Benton, Harold w/ Will Knack "Poems For This World" CD (This World Records) A collection of works by local poet Harold Benton dating back to 1975 set to original acoustic guitar tunes by Will Knack.
Bush, Kate "Before The Dawn" LP (Concord Records)
Clean "Getaway" CD/2LP+CD (Merge) Originally released in August of 2001, the double-LP reissue marks Getaway's first appearance on vinyl and includes an 18-song bonus CD that compiles the hard-to-find, tour-only releases Syd's Pink Wiring System and Slush Fund.
Enya "Shepherd Moons" LP (Reprise)
Frankie Cosmos "Covers" CS (Bayonet) Limited edition tape featuring her versions of songs by Porches' Aaron Maine, Krill, and others.
Hausswolff, Anna Von "Kallan (Betatype)" LP (Ash International)
Hidden Cameras "Home On Native Land" LP (Outside Music)
Jay, Tommy "Tommy Jay's Tall Tales Of Trauma" 2LP (Assophon)
Jurado, Damien & Richard Swift "Other People's Songs Vol. 1" CD/LP (Secretly Canadian) First ever vinyl pressing of the 2010 CD release of covers. Other People's Songs Vol. 1 finds the duo interpreting tracks by Relatively Clean Rivers, Bill Fay, Yes, John Denver, Kraftwerk, & more.
Magnetic Fields "The Wayward Bus / Distant Plastic Trees" 2LP (Merge) First ever vinyl reissue of the 1994 debut double album edition.
Moving Pictures "EMDR Pts 1 + 2" LP (Perennial)
Old 97's "Wreck Your Life" LP (Bloodshot)
Soviet Soviet "Endless" CD/LP (Secretly Canadian) New sophomore full-length from the Italian post-punk trio.
Spectrum "Forever Alien" LP (1972) First ever reissue of the fantastic 1997 release of drugged-out psychedelic drones from Pete Kember (aka Spectrum) and crew post Spacemen 3.
This Kind of Punishment "Radio Silence" 7" (Superior Viaduct)
v/a "Heures sans Soleil" LP+7" LP (Song Cycle) First reissue of the 1985 compilation Heures sans Soleil, featuring Section 25, Tuxedomoon, Mazowsze, Dislocation Dance, The Happy Family, Section 25, and more. 180-gram vinyl LP+7" version limited to 250 copies.
V/A "Killed By Deathrock Vol. 2" LP (Sacred Bones Records) Volume 2 in the ongoing series, collecting 10 rare and out-of-print dark post-punk and deathrock songs. Features Flowers For Agatha, Red Zebra, Gatecrashers, & more, now available on vinyl.
V/A "The Hamilton Mixtape" Original Broadway Cast CD (Atlantic) Executive produced by QuestLove & Black Thought of The Roots, "THE HAMILTON MIXTAPE" sees songs from the Pulitzer Prize-winning musical covered and remixed by Sia, Usher, Kelly Clarkson, The Roots, Alicia Keys, Nas, Wiz Khalifa, Chance The Rapper, John Legend, Regina Spektor, Ashanti, Ja Rule, Miguel, Queen Latifah, Common, Ben Folds, Andra Day, Jill Scott, Jimmy Fallon & more.

Childish Gambino "Awaken, My Love!" CD (Glassnote) Colourful, brilliantly messy, and a fully committed hodge-podge of psych and spacecake croons, 'Awaken, My Love!' is unlikely to shed further light on exactly what Childish Gambino is at heart, but by now, Glover's erratic approach is surely part of his central appeal. The multi-instrumentalist delivers his fourth full-length, steeped in 70 P Funk and the like.
Fugees "Blunted On Reality" LP (Music on Vinyl) New 180 gram official reissue of the 1994 LP.
MIA "AIM" LP New fifth full-length studio release for the London artist features contributions from such artists as Blaqstarr, Diplo, and Zayn.
Mndsgn "Body Wash" LP (Stones Throw)
Run-DMC "Raising Hell" LP (Legacy)
Weeknd "Starboy" CD (Republic) New third full-length studio release for the Canadian artist features guest appearances from Daft Punk, Lana Del Rey, Future, and Kendrick Lamar.

Apostles, The "S/T" LP (PMG)
Friimen Muzik Company "We Can Get It On" LP (PMG)
S. Job Organization "Freedom Anthem" LP (PMG) Reissue of the 1978 LP from the Nigerian group. Deep, dark and funky. They took inspiration from the new sounds coming out of black America with a focus that was increasingly political.
Visitors, The "My Good Friends" LP (PMG)

v/a "Sri Lanka: The Golden Era Of Sinhalese And Tamil Folk-Pop Music" 2LP (Akuphone)

Thiam, Mor "Dini Safarrar (Drums Of Fire)" CD/LP (Jazzman) First reissue the 1973 LP. The Senegalese drummer moved to St. Louis in the early 1970s and began fusing the traditions of his upbringing and the funk and jazz sounds of his new environs. Dini Safarrar, entirely self-funded, was conceived as a benefit album, with all the proceeds donated to famine relief in Africa.
v/a "Jazz Dispensary: Holiday Treats" LP Fantasy

Johnson, Syl "Complete Mythology" 4CD (Numero Group)
Johnson, Syl "Do You Know What Soul Is" LP (Numero Group) Every side of every 45 from Syl Johnson's formative years on the Federal Label. Recorded between 1959 and 1962, My Gift is an exemplary collection of early R&B that blends Chicago blues with fiery soul. Cut from the original master tapes, these early recordings are presented pristine fidelity.
Johnson, Syl "My Gift" LP (Numero Group) Every side of every 45 from Syl Johnson's formative years on the Federal Label. Recorded between 1959 and 1962, My Gift is an exemplary collection of early R&B that blends Chicago blues with fiery soul. Cut from the original master tapes, these early recordings are presented pristine fidelity.
Olympians, The "Sirens of Jupiter b/w Apollo's Dream" 7" (Daptone)
Wonder, Stevie "Talking Book" LP (Motown Records)

Blut Aus Nord / Aevangelist "Codex Obscura Nomina" LP (Debemur Morti Productions/Thrill Jockey)
Enslaved "Vikingligr Veldi" LP (By Norse) New reissue of the Norwegian black metal band's 1994 release.
Isis "Oceanic Remixes/Reinterpretations" LP (Hydra Head)
Mare "EP" 12" (Hydra Head)

Discharge 'Decontrol: The Singles" CD (Restricted Release)
Discharge "Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing" CD (Restricted Release)
Discharge "Why?" CD (Restricted Release)
Fall, The "Hex Induction Hour" LP (Superior Viaduct) New reissue of the 1982 release, one of many of their stronger full-lengths -- featuring 'The Classical', 'Hip Priest', 'Fortress/Deer Park', 'Who Makes the Nazis?', & the awesome energetic track 'Just Step S'ways'.
Fall, The "Room to Live" LP (Superior Viaduct) Another reissue of another fantastic full-length from 1982 by Mark E Smith and crew.
GBH "City Baby's Attacked by Rats" CD (Restricted Release)
GBH "City Baby's Revenge" CD (Restricted Release)
GBH "Punk Singles 1981-1984" CD (Restricted Release) CD compilation of all of their early singles.
Mommy "Songs About Children" LP (Toxic State) New debut full-length from the NYC punk trio of bass, drums, & vocals. Psychologically warped, noisy, and rhythmic punk.
Undertones "S/T" LP (Salvo) 30th anniversary reissue of the 1979 debut full-length from the Northern Ireland group.

Lebanon Hanover "Babes of the 80s" 12" (Fabrika Records). A year since "Besides the Abyss," their fourth studio album was released, Lebanon Hanover return with a taster of their new material; now totally synth-oriented and without any bass or guitar parts. Two new tracks of misanthropy, disappointment, and lack of communication plus remixes by She Past Away and Tobias Bernstrup.

Converse, Bill "7 of 9 / Ahead" 12" (Texas Recordings Underground) Bill Converse has been making a name for himself outside of his native Austin, Texas, and this premium 12" feels like another rung on the ladder. 7 Of 9 and Ahead are a pair of deep cuts from a deep player: a satisfying and nutritious blend of various strains of house and techno.
Devonwho "Luz" LP (Leaving Records)
DFX "Relax Your Body" 12" (Autumn)
Legowelt "Beyond the Congo" 12" (Bunker)
Porter Ricks "Shadow Boat EP" 12" (Tresor) Following a seventeen year hiatus since the release of Symbiotics in 1999, Porter Ricks, the German duo of sound artist Thomas Koner and music producer Andy Mellwig, return.
Telefon Tel Aviv "Fahrenheit Fair Enough" LP (Ghostly International) Color vinyl

Baumann, Peter "Romance 76" LP (Bureau B) Reissue of Peter Baumann's solo debut album originally released in 1976. A member of the legendary Berlin band Tangerine Dream from 1971 to 1977, Baumann initiated his solo career with the comparatively minimal Romance 76. Sonic similarities to Tangerine Dream exist given the use of the same instruments, such as a modular synthesizer system and a mellotron.
Baumann, Peter "Trans Harmonic Nights" LP (Bureau B) Reissue of Peter Baumann's second solo album, originally released in 1979. Carefree and playful, Baumann explains his approach to Trans Harmonic Nights: "I was working in the studio, simply expressing myself as a musician, sensing which emotions, timbres, rhythms and melodies were closest to me."
Pink Floyd "Animals" LP (Legacy)
Silver Apples "Decatur" LP (Chickencoop)

Bertoia, Harry "Clear Sounds/Perfetta" CD/LP (Sonambient) First release in nearly 40 years from American print-maker, sculptor and industrial designer Harry Bertoia's Sonambient label, which has remained quiet since the artist's death in 1978. In the mid-1950s, the chairs being produced by Knoll designed by Bertoia allowed him to devote himself exclusively to sculpture and in the 1960s, he began experimenting with sounding sculptures of tall vertical rods on flat bases. He renovated the old barn into an atypical concert hall and put in about 100 of his favorite "Sonambient" sculptures. Bertoia played the pieces in a number of concerts and even produced a series of eleven albums, of the music made by his art, manipulated by his hands along with the elements. This release is the first time the 1973 & 1971 recordings have been made public, after a number of Bertoia's unreleased recordings were purchased at auction. These two pieces were selected for their minimal, meditative and lush harmonic qualities.

Caretaker, The "An Empty Bliss Beyond This World" LP (History Always Favours The Winners) New limited repress of the 2011 album from James Leyland Kirby's Caretaker project. An absolute classic of haunted ambient music, quiet, introspective, and playful amidst a low-lit labyrinth of ever-decaying phrases. Sourced from his mysterious collection of 78s, these vague snippets of archaic sonics reflect the ability of Alzheimers patients to recall the songs of their past, and with them recollections of places, people, moods and sensations. Not to be missed.
Caretaker, The "Everywhere At The End Of Time" LP (History Always Favours The Winners) First LP in a new series of six albums by The Caretaker, aka James Leyland Kirby, slowly cataloging the stages of early onset dementia. Each album will reveal new points of progression, loss and disintegration, falling further and further towards the abyss of complete memory loss and nothingness. For stage one we can experience and hear the first signs of memory loss. This stage is most like a beautiful daydream. The glory of old age and recollection. The last of the great days.
Einsturzende Neubauten "Greatest Hits" LP (Potomak) New compilation from one of the more important engines in the development of new musical strategies, the West Berliners discovered sounds beyond the pain barrier, the beauty of dissonance and the aesthetics of the scrapyard. The earliest track here is a newly mixed version of "Haus Der Luge", from their 1989 album Haus Der Luge and Greatest Hits's newest track "How Did I Die", is from 2014.
Haino, Keiji "1973 Live - Milky Way" LP (Black Truffle) New first time vinyl pressing of a blistering live performance recorded in Kyoto in 1973, five years before the formation of the first line-up of Fushitsusha, and eight years before Haino's first solo album, originally released as a limited CD only in 1993. A single 48-minute psychedelic maelstrom, marrying the immersive echo-fields of kosmische music to the rough and ready hands-on feel of classic 1960s live electronics. Milky Way shows Haino's singular intensity and ritualistic performance style already in full flower at this early date in his long career.
Istigkeit "Leather & Feather" 12" (Blackwater Label)
Moonsicles "Bay Of Seething" CS (Somatic) Debut release by the new Austin-based quartet put together by Aaron Russell (Weird Weeds). The music on Bay of Seething is instrumental, and rolls with a cinematic feel. A blend of Aaron's guitar - sometimes raw and heavy, sometimes more in the electro-folk - with Sheila Scoville's synth, Verrill's bass and Carolyn Cunningham's drums creates a dynamic and surging whole that's hypnotic and at times rapturous.
Plath "Plath (Alessandro Adriani Edit)" 12" (Mannequin ) Originally self-released as a 7'' in 1982, one of the obscure gems of the Italian underground.
Symbol "Consequence Ornament" CS (Somatic) Symbol is the side experimental electronic project of This Will Destroy You's Christopher Royal King. "Consequence Ornament" has been released by the Austin record label Somatic, purveyors of weird and wonderful far away sounds.

OST "Almost Holy" Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross and Bobby Krlic LP (Sacred Bones)
OST "Minds Eye" Steve Moore CD/LP (Relapse) Moore returns with a mesmerizing new score for the action/horror film 'The Mind's Eye'. A riveting portrait of tension and terror through a variety of textures ranging from probing dark ambient and slick arpeggiations to anxious sound collage.

Washington, Joseph "Merry Christmas To You" LP (Numero Group)

Friday, November 18th

Amos, Tori "Boys For Pele" LP (Rhino/Atlantic) Reissued
Big Bill "Every City / Food Chain" 7" (Austin Town Hall)
Bright Eyes "Cassadaga" LP (Saddle Creek) Rich with elaborate production and cinema-sized orchestration, with help from M. Ward, Maria Taylor, and others. Remastered.
Bright Eyes "Digital Ash in a Digital Urn" LP (Saddle Creek) Remastered
Bright Eyes "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning" LP (Saddle Creek) Remastered
Dark Blue "Start of the World" LP (12XU) Latest from Philadelphia dark post punk group
Graveyard Five "The Graveyard Theme b/w The Marble Orchard' 7" (Lysergic Sound)
Hanson, Cory "The Unborn Capitalist From Limbo" LP (Drag City) Debut solo LP from Wand frontman.
Hidden Ritual "Always" LP (Monofonus) New full-length from the Austin-based desert jangle pop band.
Islands "Return To The Sea" LP (Manque) 10th Anniversary Edition
Jay Som "Turn Into" LP (Polyvinyl)
Justice "Woman" CD (Because Music)
Major Stars "Motion Set" LP (Drag City)
Mandel, Harvey "Snake Pit" LP (Tompkins)
Mean Jolene "Salty" LP (Austin Town Hall)
Papa M "Highway Songs" CD/LP (Drag City)
Phish "Big Boat" LP (Caroline)
Rateliff, Nathaniel & The Night Sweats "A Little Something More From" CD/LP (Fantasy) The same man that attracted so many fans to his gentle yet shameless folk songs, has followed up his new gospel-rock band's self titled album with a new versatile EP.
Sandoval, Hope and the Warm Inventions "Until The Hunter" CD/LP (Trendil Tales) Third full length from Mazzy Star and My Bloody Valentine alum, featuring Kurt Vile on the track "Let Me Get There"
Solange "A Seat at the Table" CD (Columbia) Her new third full-length album, is the work of a woman who's truly grown into herself, a cathartic yet poised album, one that weighs a ton and levitates. Features guest appearances from Nia Andrews, BJ The Chicago Kid, The Dream, Kelela, Lil Wayne, Q-Tip, Kelly Rowland, & more.
Sylvan Esso "Radio / Kick Jump Twist" LP (Loma Vista)
Toy "Clear Shot" LP (PIAS)
v/a "Heures sans Soleil" LP (Song Cycle) First reissue of the 1985 compilation Heures sans Soleil, featuring Section 25, Tuxedomoon, Crispy Ambulance, Dislocation Dance, The Happy Family, and more.

A Tribe Called Quest "We Got it From Here...Thank You 4 Your Service" CD Eighteen years later, the legendary trio from Queens (including the late Phife Dawg) returns with a triumph. By and large, We got it from Here, their sixth full-length, has the classic Tribe sound: a warm and crisp confluence of East Coast hip-hop, jazz, and more, all mixed and mastered impeccably. While some aspects of the sound are dated, others feel fresh. Features guest-appearances by Anderson Paak, Andre 3000, Busta Rhymes, Consequence, Elton John, Talib Kweli, Kendrick Lamar, and Jack White. Assuming this is the last Tribe album, as it supposedly is, everyone involved in its making should be pleased with it as a goodbye.
MF Doom "Operation Doomsday" CD (Metal Face Records) Standard edition now available again, as a digipak.
Schoolboy Q "Blank Face LP" 2LP (Top Dawg) Now available on vinyl.
Staples, Vince "Prima Donna" 10" (Def Jam)
UGK "Super Tight" 2LP (Get On Down) 1994: Riding high off off putting their city on the map with the debut album Too Hard to Swallow , UGK was primed and ready to take their sound to the next level. Two years after the debut studio album, Bun B and Pimp C came back with a one-two punch thanks to 1994's Super Tight. The 11-track album was entirely produced by Pimp C who encapsulated the duo's twangy, funky, down-South style of rap thanks to studio sessions with The Meters' lead guitarist Leo Nocentelli. Now available on vinyl for the first time, clear vinyl at that.

Aerosmith "Permanent Vaction" LP 180 gram press
Aerosmith "Pump" LP 180 gram press
Gillespie, Dana "Weren't Born A Man" LP (Vinilissimo)
Woofers and Tweeters Ensemble, The "Beatle Barkers" LP (Aberrant) A vinyl re-release of one of the weirdest artifacts from 1983. For Beatles fans and lovers of all things canine. An animal feast of barking, yapping and howling that is better than the Beatles.. Edition of 300.

Hemphill, Jessie Mae "s/t" LP (Mississippi) Mississippi Hill Country blues at there finest. Jessie Mae rocks out on the electric guitar with minimal percussion. By far some of the best blues recorded in the 80's. Jessie Mae is the granddaughter of the great Sid Hemphill and the torch bearer of one of the most beautiful traditions in the world of music.
Phillips, Washington "Washington Phillips and His Manzarene Dreams" CD + Book (Dust To Digital) A comprehensive project on the mysterious Texas gospel musician, presented as a 76-page hardcover book by Michael Corcoran accompanied with a CD of recordings made by Phillips between 1927 and 1929, expertly transferred and remastered from the most pristine original copies of Phillips's 78-RPM records for the best-sounding Phillips reissue to date. The music of Washington Phillips has been covered by Ry Cooder, Mogwai, Will Oldham, Phish, Ralph Stanley, Mavis Staples, Colin Stetson, and Gillian Welch. A vivid portrait out of the dust, of a rural South drifting further from memory.
Tinsley, John "Country Blues Roots Revived" LP (Manufactured)
v/a "The Devil Is Busy In Knoxville" LP (Mississippi) Compilation of early gospel recordings spanning from 1927 - 1955.

Brown, James "Think!" LP (Cornbread) Reissue of James Brown And The Famous Flames's third studio album Think!, originally released in 1960. Essential early R&B, from the "Godfather". Reissued on 180 gram vinyl.
Brown, Ruth "Late Date With Ruth Brown" LP (Cornbread) Reissue of Ruth Brown's debut album, Late Date With Ruth Brown, originally released in 1959. Probably the best and most popular female artist of the 1950s jump blues and R&B scene, Ruth Brown was a powerhouse vocalist. Her debut is a perfect example of her husky, smoky, and raunchy presence. Essential 1950s R&B, reissued on 180 gram.
Franklin, Erma "Her Name Is Erma" LP (Cornbread) Reissue of Erma Franklin's debut album, Her Name Is Erma, originally released in 1962. Erma is the sister of Carolyn and Aretha Franklin and daughter of the legendary gospel musician, Reverend C.L. Franklin. This debut shows a singer just as talented as her more famous sister. On 180 gram vinyl.
Pickett, Wilson "I Don't Want No Part Time Love: The Early Years Of The Wicked Pickett" LP (Cornbread) New Pickett compilation featuring some of his earliest recordings out of Detroit with The Falcons, and very early solo material, this collection shows the legend of soul music when he was just getting started.
Santiago "22 Somerset Dr 1976 - 1978" LP (Manufactured)

Emahoy Tsegue-Mariam Guebru "S/T" LP (Mississippi) Vinyl reissue 1960's recordings by the Ethiopian nun and onetime P.O.W. Her music has been described as melodic blues piano with rhythmically complex phrasing, somewhere between Erik Satie, Debussy, liturgical music of the Coptic Ethiopian Church, and Ethiopian traditional music. These tracks could previously be found on the CD release Ethiopiques #21.
Gessesse, Talahun "Sima!" LP (Mississippi) Compilation of songs from one of Ethiopia's most beloved singers, spanning 1969 to 1975 and covering a range of Talhoun's styles and moods. Mystical modal songs, straight up rock tracks, and ballads from the golden age of Ethiopian Soul Music.

Rodriguez, Arsenio "Como Se Goza En El Barrio: Havanna & NYC Recordings 1946-1962" 2LP (Grosso!)
Sun Ra & His Arkestra "Super-Sonic Jazz" LP (Cornbread) Reissue of Sun Ra & His Arkestra's Super-Sonic Jazz, originally released in 1957. Featuring Arkestra mainstays like Pat Patrick, John Gilmore, and Julian Priester, the album is, like Ra always was, years ahead of its time. Reissued on 180 gram vinyl.

Absolute / Paranoid "split" LP (Beach Impediment)
Horforstaelse "Listening Comprehension (1980-1982)" LP (Manufactured Recordings)
Lithics "Borrowed Floors" LP (Water Wing) Lithics is a four person minimalist punk band from Portland, Oregon.
Lockjaw "Radio Call Sign" 7" (Damaged Goods)
Omegas "Power to Exist" LP (Beach Impediment) The Omegas pick up where they left off, coming back to their personalized vision of the nooks and crannies of early NYHC and proto hardcore.
Proletariat "Soma Holiday" LP (S-S) Reissue of legendary Boston post punk LP
Unwanted, The "Secret Police" 7" (Damaged Goods)
Vaaska "Futuro Primitivo" 7" (Beach Impediment) After a slew of delays, the US pressing of the latest Vaaska EP is finally available for mass consumption with more hard punk pounders. Originally pressed in a limited amount by Vox Populi for the band's Japanese tour in the winter of 2016, Beach Impediment is delighted to make the latest release from Austin's finest available domestically. Five tracks of top notch D-Beat wth blazing guitar leads and ferociously belted lyrics in Spanish. Limited to a one time pressing of 500 copies.

Cirith Ungol "Paradise Lost" LP (Metal Blade) First official vinyl pressing of the California metal band's final LP released in 1991, now remastered with bonus booklet
Cruciamentum "Charnel Passage" LP (Dark Descent)
Death Strike "Fuckin' Death" LP (Dark Descent)
Death "The Sound of Perseverance" LP (Relapse) New limited remastered reissue of the American death metal band's seventh and final full-length, released in 1998. Available on colored vinyl, while it lasts.
Immolation "Dawn of Possession" LP (Listenable)
Infernal Majesty "None Shall Defy" CD/LP (High Roller) New reissue of the searing 1987 debut LP from the Canadian thrash metal band.
Iron Angel "Legions of Evil" LP (High Roller) New compilation of tracks from the German heavy speed metal group, including tracks from their self-released demo originally released on cassette in 1984.
Lamb of God "The Duke" EP CD (Epic)
Metallica "Hardwired...To Self-Destruct" CD/2LP (MBK/Rhino) Newest full-length from the band, available on colored vinyl while it lasts.
Paralex "Key to a Thousand Doors" LP No Remorse New compilation of a variety of material from the NWOBHM band. Includes their only official release, White Lightning EP (1980), followed by a 2015 re-recording of the EP, followed by a myriad of early to mid 80s unreleased tracks and demos, all re-recorded in 2015 for this release by the band.
Satan "Court in the Act" LP (Listenable) New limited reissue of the Britsh metal band's 1983 debut LP.
Slaughter Lord "Thrash Til Death" LP (Invictus) Demos LP from the pre-Sadistik Exekution members.

Hedayat, Dashiel & Gong "Obsolete" LP (Replica)
Manson Family, The "The Manson Family Sings The Songs Of Charles Manson" LP (M-T Archives France) New reissue of 1986 released LP of Manson's freak folk acid-country, a twisted campfire jamboree. Recorded in 1970, this cult album by members of the "Family" contains private recordings of Charles Manson's unpublished songs recorded at the notorious Spahn Ranch. Psych-gospel made by scuzzed out dune buggy death trippers.
May Blitz "Essen 1970" LP (Garden of Delights)
Missus Beastly "Bremen 1974" LP (Garden of Delights)
Missus Beastly "Dr. Aftershave and the mixed-pickles" LP (Garden of Delights)
Moondog "Snaketime Series" LP (Cornbread) Reissue of Moondog's Snaketime Series, originally released in 1956. Drawing influence from city sounds, possessing a unique sense of time and working on many of his own instrumental invitations, Moondog's Snaketime Series is truly cutting edge American avant-garde. On 180 gram.
Morning Dew "s/t" LP (Lion)
Peacock, Annette & Paul Bley "Dual Unity" LP (Bamboo) First ever vinyl reissue of the debut album by Annette Peacock & Paul Bley, originally released in 1972. Dual Unity is a statement of immensity through synthetic minimalism and a milestone in the avant-garde, free jazz movement.
Silence "Nine Suns, One Morning" LP + 7" LP (Drag City)
Sunbirds "Zagara" LP (Garden of Delights)
Thor's Hammer "s/t" Danish LP (Garden of Delights)
Tyburn Tall "s/t" LP (Garden of Delights)
V/A "Brown Acid-The Third Trip" CD/LP (Riding Easy) New third installment of their Brown Acid series, which "collects the best of rare & unreleased 60s-70s proto-metal and stoner rock singles, painstakingly licensed from the original artists."
Virus "Revelation" LP (Garden of Delights)

Antonini, William E La Sua Orchestra "S/T" LP (Sonor Music Editions)
Kimball, David H. (Peymont) "Atmosfere N. 1-2" LP (Cinedelic) Reissue of David H. Kimball's (Peymont) Atmosfere N. 1-2, originally released in 1971. An abstract and mysterious avant-psychedelic electro-acoustic dreamy journey. Limited numbered edition of 600.
Minghi, Amedeo / Piero Montanari / Roberto Conrado "Climax" LP (Song Cycle) First reissue of Amedeo Minghi, Piero Montanari, and Roberto Conrado's 1973 Climax LP, one of the holy grails from the vault of the amazing Italian library music label Octopus, on 180-gram vinyl.
Umiliani, Piero & I Suoi Oscillatori "Switched On Naples" LP (Sonor Music Editions) New reissue of Piero Umiliani & I Suoi Oscillatori's Switched On Naples, originally released in 1972. Maestro Umiliani revisits Naples's popular songs carrying the record out by the use of synthesizers.

Contrepoison "Discography 2010-2012" LP (Hospital Productions) Strong cold-wave pop dirges from the Quebeccois musician and noise artist Pierre Marc-Tremblay (Akitsa, Ames Sanglantes). Nerve-biting, melodic pop, in an edition of 500.
Survive "S/T" LP/CS (Holodeck) Newly reissued sought after 2012 release from the Austin based synthesizer band. The band's debut full-length remains their most defining effort, marking the culmination of several years spent recording, honing, and crafting a remarkably intricate balance of song-writing and experimentation. Available on colored vinyl, while it lasts.

Listening Center "Aural Assignments" LP (Polytechnic Youth)
Rrose "Arc Unknown" 12" (Infrastructure New York)
Shlohmo "Bad Vibes" LP (Friends of Friends) Repress
v/a "L2M Presents Harsh Riddims 2013 - 2016" LP (2M Records)
Villalobos, Ricardo / Oren Ambarchi "Hubris Variation" 12" (Black Truffle) Oren Ambarchi's Editions Mego release, Hubris, gets the remix treatment courtesy of electronic music legend Ricardo Villalobos. Villalobos expertly transforms Ambarchi's layered web of countless sustained and pulsating palm-muted guitars into a funky, mesmerizing and propulsive long-form piece.

Redolfi, Michel "Desert Tracks" CD/LP (Sub Rosa) First ever vinyl pressing of Michel Redolfi's 1988 CD of recordings made in the Mojave Desert, Death Valley, Palm Canyon. In 1987, Michel Redolfi hit the California desert road during the fall, to catch those hypothetical poly-sensorial desert tones. The natural elements highlighted by technology are a constant in Redolfi's catalog: many of his electroacoustic pieces stylize and orchestrate sound matter, and are recorded in remote locations.
Reich, Steve / Terry Riley "Six Pianos / Keyboard Study #1" CD (Film Germany) Newly released interpretation of Steve Reich's "Six Pianos". Informed by club music as well as their classical education, the interpretation here sees the new ensemble play six different grand pianos in six different locations throughout Germany, each pianist performing his part on his piano and passing the recording over to the next one. Terry Riley's "Keyboard Study #1" is a good companion for Reich's composition. The piece is a building set of ever lengthening, repetitive patterns.
Schnitzler, Conrad / Schneider TM "Con-Struct" LP (Bureau B) Schneider TM constructs new compositions from Conrad Schnitzler's archive materials.
Snow, Michael "Musics For Piano, Whistling, Microphone And Tape Recorder" LP (Song Cycle) Reissue of Canadian artist & musician Michael Snow's 1975 LP. Snow arranged for Albert Ayler, Don Cherry, and others to record the landmark improvised soundtrack to his film New York Eye And Ear Control. Snow befriended both Steve Reich and Philip Glass in the late 60s and this double LP is a happy by-product of their association. "Falling Starts", which covers the entirety of the first LP, is a tape of a piano melody first played back at hyperspeed, then slower and slower until it becomes recognizable before transforming into a thunderous, quivering bass boom. Also included is an intentionally distorted, repetitive stride piano experiment and a whole side of whistling.

Bellouin, Ashley "Ballads" LP (Drawing Room)
Biosphere "Cirque" CD (Biophon Norway) New 2 CD reissue of Biosphere's, aka Geir Jenssen, fourth full-length release of his fantastic brand of ambient techno. Jenssen is a Norwegian musician known for his works arctic-themed works, his use of music loops, and peculiar samples from sci-fi sources. This reissue comes with six bonus tracks and new artwork. "Cirque is a perfectly constructed 47-minute sequence: cold clarity up against real depth of field, synth cycles dissolving into sudden moments of sonic revelation that sound like a waking dream."
Davachi, Sarah "Vergers" LP (Important) Vergers is Davachi's third full-length release following Barons Court and Dominions, and her second appearance with Important Records following 2014's August Harp cassette on the Cassauna imprint. In this work, she meditates on a single electronic instrument, the EMS Synthi 100 synthesizer, while also weaving sparse acoustic elements - her own voice and violin - into a series of three long-form, muted gestures.
David Colohan "A Melbourne Nocturne" CS (PSI Lab) A fixture in the experimental folk scene for more than a decade now. A Melbourne Nocturne finds Colohan paring down his palette to the bare essentials, turning stark earthy drone folk into hushed ethereal bliss embellished with vocal melodies. Numbered edition of 50.
Dire Wolves "House of Triangles" CS (PSI Lab) "witchy overblown kosmische folk improv for fans of Pharoah Overlord, George RR Martin, Amon Duul, homebrew, Trad Gras och Stenar and twenty sided dice." Numbered edition of 50.
Eleh "Radiant Intervals I" LP (Important)
Hastings Of Malawi "Vibrant Stapler Obscures Characteristic Growth" LP (Sub Rosa) First reissue of the 1981 release. Heman Pathak, David Hodes and John Grieve, all three involved in the recording of the Nurse With Wound's infamous first album, recorded Vibrant Stapler Obscures Characteristic Growth in one night with no plan and no idea of what they were doing. They played drums, clarinet, synthesizer and piano but also made use of things that they found lying around the studio - old records, cook books, telephone directories and a telephone. The recordings were played down the phone to randomly dialed numbers with the reactions were added to the recording. Pressed to red vinyl, just like the original pressing.
Skittish Arm "The Outside Inflation" CS (PSI Lab) An hour of overcast ambient tape loop manipulation, continuing his trajectory of elegantly simple yet profound loop construction and disintegration. Numbered edition of 50
Sun Ra / Merzbow "Strange City" CD/LP (Cold Spring Records ) Rare and unreleased tracks from the Sun Ra archive remixed and treated by Merzbow, featuring completely different music on each format (CD / LP).
v/a "An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music Volume 3" 3LP (Sub Rosa) New third volume of Sub Rosa's Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music available on vinyl for the first time. Includes two pieces of historical concrete music, several pieces of American tape music and a special focus on all the electronic music from Germany. Featuring Bernard Parmegiani, Francisco Lopez, Michael Rother of Neu!, Peter Rehberg/Pita, Asmus Tietchens and more.

OST "Eva" by Michel Legrand LP (Doxy)
OST "Stranger Things Vol. 2" Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein LP (Lakeshore) The second volume of the soundtrack to the Netflix show from Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, now available on vinyl, feature 39 tracks. Volume Two echoes the series' progressively perilous shift toward the supernatural, a track like "Danger Danger" pivoting from the evocation of bike-riding best buds toward the debut of a demoniacal monster in a parallel universe. Available on color vinyl while it lasts as well as standard black vinyl

Depeche Mode "Video Singles Collection" DVD (SMG)
Rush "Time Stand Still" BluRay (Rounder)
Rush "Time Stand Still" DVD (Rounder)

Decibel January 2017 #147 MAG Metallica on the cover. Featuring Megadeth, Dark Throne, Helmet, and Bolzer

Friday, November 11th

American Wrestlers "Goodbye Terrible Youth" LP (Fat Possum)
Bazan, David "Christmas Bonus" 12" (Suicide Squeeze) On colored vinyl
Body / Head "No Waves" CD (Matador) First full-length release from the duo of Kim Gordon & Bill Nace since their urgent 2013 debut. A mostly live affair -- at three tracks and 40 minutes it's a real 'head-scratcher'.
Dazzling Killmen "Face Of Collapse" LP (Skin Graft) First ever reissue of the St. Louis noise rock band's final swirling release, from 1994. This limited vinyl reissue comes with a bonus single-sided 12" of the 'Medicine Me' 7" with their cover of PiL's 'Poptones'. RIYL Jesus Lizard, Cherubs, Craw, Botch, or Whores, maybe.
Enya "Memory Of Trees" LP (Reprise) Now reissued on vinyl.
Escovedo, Alejandro "Burn Something Beautiful" LP (Fantasy)
Frankie Cosmos "Next Thing" LP (Bayonet) Quick reissue of the already out of print great new release from American singer-songwriter Greta Kline. On orange colored vinyl this time while it lasts.
Hold Steady "Almost Killed Me" LP (French Kiss) First ever vinyl reissue of the debut LP from America's favorite indie 'bar band'. On colored vinyl.
Hold Steady "Separation Sunday" LP (French Kiss) First ever vinyl reissue of the sophomore LP from America's favorite indie 'bar band'. On colored vinyl.
Midlake "Trials of Van Occupanther" LP (Bella Union)
Molina, Tony "Confront The Truth" EP 7" (Slumberland)
Real Numbers "Wordless Wonder" LP (Slumberland)
Sleigh Bells "Jessica Rabbit" CD/LP (Sinderlyn) New self-produced fourth full-length release for the Brooklyn duo of Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller. Jessica Rabbit's mix of brashness and finesse proves they can still thrill.
Strand, The "Seconds Waiting" LP (Dig Records)
Swirlies "Blonder Tongue Audio Baton" LP (Taang) New first ever vinyl reisue of the indie shoegaze band's long out of print 1992 debut.
Terry Malts "Lost at the Party" LP (Slumberland)
Thee Oh Sees "An Odd Entrances" CD (Castle Face) New companion release to the band's previous album, A Weird Exits, released earlier this year.
V/A "Day Of The Dead" 10xLP (4AD / Red Hot) Massive Grateful Dead tribute box set curated by The National, features over 60 artists from varied musical backgrounds, 59 tracks and is almost 6 hours long. Includes The War On Drugs, Bonnie Prince Billy, Kurt Vile, Jim James, Jenny Lewis, Bill Callahan, Angel Olson, & more. All profits will help fight for AIDS/ HIV and related health issues around the world.
V/A "Killed By Deathrock Vol. 2" CD (Sacred Bones Records) Volume 2 in the ongoing series, collecting 10 rare and out-of-print dark post-punk and deathrock songs. Features Flowers For Agatha, Red Zebra, Gatecrashers, & more.
Watt, Mike "Ring Spiel Tour '95" LP (Legacy)
Wolf People "Ruins" CD (Jagjaguwar) Newest record from the heavy English folk / psych rock band. RIYL Bardo Pond, Goat, Dead Meadow, or Woods, maybe.

Bowie, David "Legacy" 2CD (Columbia) New 2 CD career-spanning singles collection, as well as an unreleased version of "Life on Mars?" mixed by its original producer, Ken Scott.
Lennon, John/Yoko Ono "Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins" LP (Secretly Canadian) A curious and amazing suite recorded over one weekend in Spring 1968 at Lennon's Kenwood home. Now reissued on colored vinyl.
Lennon, John/Yoko Ono "Unfinished Music No. 2: Life With The Lions" (Secretly Canadian) The scope of their recording efforts was much more than a recording collaboration, and something closer to a performative documentary. Now reissued on colored vinyl.
Ono, Yoko "Plastic Ono Band" LP (Secretly Canadian) Released in 1971, reissued here on colored vinyl.

Kool Keith "Feature Magnetic" LP (Mello Music Group) Second Mello release from the legendary New York MC Kool Keith features contributions from MF DOOM, Sadat X (Brand Nubian), Bumpy Knuckles, Ed O.G., Slug/Atmosphere, Dirt Nasty, Mac Mall, Necro and Ras Kass.
Scott, Travis "Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight" CD (Epic / Grand Hustle) Sophomore full-length release from the Houston rapper & producer.

Harris, Jimmy Lee "I Wanna Ramble" LP (Big Legal Mess) Originally included in the George Mitchell Collection (vol. 25), a much lauded series centered around George Mitchell's travels around the South, recording some of the best known and unknown bluesmen alive at the time. Released now as part of Fat Possum's 25th Anniversary blues series where Big Legal Mess and Fat Possum hand pick some of the most deserving of the George Mitchell collection to re-release on vinyl. Extremely limited.
Little Walter "Boom Boom" LP (Black Knight)
Waters, Muddy "Elevate Me Mama" LP (Black Knight)

Harris, Emmylou "Life + Songs Of Emmylou Harris: An All-star Concert Celebration" CD (Rounder / UMGD) Newly released document of the once-in-a-lifetime concert celebrating the work of 13 time Grammy Award-winning, three-time CMA Award recipient, and two-time Americana Awards winner, Emmylou Harris. Features Mavis Staples, Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, Conor Oberst, Sheryl Crow, Alisone Krauss, & more.
Harris, Emmylou "Red Dirt Girl" LP (Nonesuch) New reissue of the famed songwriters 2000 CD release, pressed to vinyl for the first time.
Jennings, Waylon "Dreaming My Dreams" LP (Fat Possum) Reissue of the classic 1975 album.

Bachman, Daniel "S/T" LP (Three Lobed)
Jansch, Bert "It Don't Bother Me" LP (Superior Viaduct) New remastered reissue of the legendary British folk traditionalists 1965 LP, his second released that year. Recorded 1965 at Pye Studios, London.

Le Tout-Puissant Orchestre Poly-Rythmo "Madjafalao" CD (Because Music France) With half a century of existence, Poly-Rythmo can easily be considered a legend of African music. Recorded in 2014 by orchestra conductor Florent Mazzoleni in the legendary African studio Satel.

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore "Bohren For Beginners" 2CD (PIAS) Perfect introduction into the world of Germany's doom jazz cult band. Highlights the group's catalog from 1994 onward with rare tracks from deleted albums, new mixes, and one complete new song.

Jones, Sharon & The Dap-Kings "It's A Holiday Soul Party" LP (Daptone) The title says it all - It's a holiday soul party from Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings!
Simone, Nina "A Very Rare Evening" LP (Tidal Wave Records)
V/A "Shanghai'd Soul: Episode 4" LP (Numero Group) A rough and rugged collection of Numero Group classics that have inspired swarms of killer beats.

Alcest "Kodama" LP (Prophecy) New fifth full-length release for the French black metal/shoegaze duo of Neige and Winterhalter, inspired in part by Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke film.
Bong "Mana-yood-sushai" LP (Ritual)
Judas Priest "Sad Wings of Destiny" LP (Koch) New vinyl reissue of the band's fantastic sophomore release.
Unsane "Scattered, Smothered & Covered" CD (Amphetamine Reptile) From 1995, now reissued.
Whores. "Gold" CD/LP (eOne) New debut full-length LP from the Atlanta noise rock trio. Whores have made their reputation on the backs of two excellent EPs, Ruiner (2011) and Clean (2013), and heavy touring -- earning them a major label backed debut on eOne, the home of heavy hitters such as High On Fire and Crowbar. A loud, aggressive, & pissed off record, recorded crystal clear.

FuckEmos, The "Can Kill You" LP (Slope) Reissue of the weirdo Austin noise punk band's DIY debut, released on CD in 1994. Pressed to vinyl here for the first time.
FuckEmos, The "Lifestyles of the Drugged and Homeless" LP (Slope) Reissue of the weirdo Austin noise punk band's sophomore album, released on CD in 1995. Pressed to vinyl here for the first time.
Hatred Surge "The KVRX Sessions / Leftoverdose" LP (Rescued From Life) Includes bonus flexi 7"
Milkshakes, The "Talking 'Bout... Milkshakes!" LP (Damaged Goods)
Soul Jazz Records presents Punk 45: Les Punks: The French Connection CD/LP (Soul Jazz)
Uniform "Ghosthouse" LP (Sacred Bones Records) New 12" EP from the NYC industrial punk duo of Michael Berdan and Ben Greenberg demonstrate a healthy willingness to interrogate and even upend their sound. The duo's core certainly remains in place but with smear of effects, a mutation that might have sat in the background on their first album. B-side showcases a crazed Sabbath cover of "Symptom of the Universe." Sophomore LP Wake In Fright arrives early next year.

Liberman, Jeffery "S/T" LP (Out-Sider)
Liberman, Jeffery "Solitude Within" LP (Out-Sider)
Liberman, Jeffery "Synergy" LP (Out-Sider)
MX-80 "Crowd Control" LP (Ships To Shore)
MX-80 "Out Of The Tunnel" LP (Ships To Shore)
Pink Floyd "The Early Years: 1967-1972 Cre/ation" CD (Legacy) 27 tracks (19 previously unreleased) including rarities, early versions, BBC, Radio sessions, singles, B sides, remixes and live recordings.
Silver Apples "The Garden" LP (Chickencoop)
Van Der Graaf "Do Not Disturb" CD/LP (Esoteric Antenna)

v/a "(The Microcosm): Visionary Music of Continental Europe, 1970-1986" 2CD (Light In The Attic) Includes tracks from Vangelis, Ash Ra Tempel, Popol Vuh, Ariel Kalma, Gigi Masin, etc.

Bacalov, Luis Enriquez "L'amica" LP (Cinedelic) Originally released in 1969. "L'amica" is an intriguing Alberto Lattuada film starring Lisa Gastoni. Highlights the piano technique and the jazz vein of the maestro mixed with exotic and erotic atmospheres.
Luciani, Maria Teresa "Free Jazz" LP (Cinedelic) Originally pressed in 1972 in Italy by Le Monde, a label which has in its catalog only six titles released in few copies for radio and TV. Insanely rare library record.
Luciani, Riccardo A. "Inchiesta Sul Mondo" 2LP (Cinedelic) A double experimental concept album, mainly electronic, based on topical problems of the period in which it was released in the mid 1970's.
Macchi, Egisto "Violenza" LP (Cinedelic) Recorded in 1976. Ranging from instrumental and symphonic music, musical theater, and library sound.
Piccioni, Piero "Musica Amore" LP (Cinedelic) Originally released in 1972 and includes songs from various soundtracks showing Piccioni's many facets.

Cage, John, David Tudor, & Christian Wolff "San Francisco Museum Of Art, January 16th, 1965" 2LP (Modern Silence) A live recording, originally broadcast by KPFA Radio from the sculpture court of the San Francisco Museum of Art on January 16, 1965. Now on vinyl for the first time.
Julius Eastman "Femenine" (Performed by S.E.M. Ensemble) CD (Frozen Reeds) Premiere release by Julius Eastman (1940-1990), documenting a 1974 performance by the S.E.M. Ensemble (with the composer on piano). Best known in the past for his work with figures like Peter Maxwell Davies, Arthur Russell, and Meredith Monk.
Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza "s/t" LP (Schema)
Oneida and Rhys Chatham "What's Your Sign?" LP (Northern Spy)

Block, Olivia "Dissolution" LP (Glistening Examples) Block reflects on how electronic communications and recording technologies affect human "webs of significance".
Croatian Amor "Love Means Taking Action" CD (Alter / Posh Isolation) First new full-length since 2014 from the Danes now available on CD. A punishing degree of indifference.
Dedekind Cut "$uccessor" LP (NON Worldwide)
Diseno Corbusier "Stadia" LP (Dark Entries)
Carla Dal Forno "You Know What It's Like" LP (Blackest Ever Black) Smokey and ominous debut solo album from the young Australian minimal synthpop songwriter. Dal Forno's voice has something of the stoned and deadpan delivery of Anna Domino or Marine Girls, but can also summon the gothic intensity Nico or Kendra Smith. Lyrically rooted in the everyday, observing and exposing a series of uncomfortable truths. Vocal-led pieces are interspersed with richly evocative instrumentals, at times recalling the DIY whimsy of Flaming Tunes, pure Chicago house and the moon-musick of Coil or even the Raincoats.
Merzbow "Hatobana" CD (Rustblade)
Rocks & Waves Song Circle "Songs I-V" LP (Moi J'Connais)
UnicaZurn "Omegapavilion" CS (The Tapeworm)

Dead Can Dance "Garden of Arcane Delights + Peel Sessions" CD/LP (4AD) Now reissued.
Dead Can Dance "Within The Realm of a Dying Sun" LP (4AD) Now reissued

Bocal 5 "Musique Electronique" LP (Dark Entries)
Patrick Cowley & Candida Royalle "Candida Cosmica" 12" (Dark Entries) Latest unearthed work from the San Francisco disco innovator Patrick Cowley, a woozy, fascinating compilation of the synth experiments with Candida Royalle, the feminist porn director and actress, spanning 1973 to 1975. A decade before Cowley ushered in the Hi-NRG sound and scored a 1982 chart hit with Sylvester's "Do Ya Wanna Funk," Royalle was his early champion, & occasional lover. The exploratory relationship between the two friends informs the slowly unspooling synth excursions of the five tracks here.
Die Form "Zoo" LP (Dark Entries)
Space Art "Play Back" LP+CD (Because Music) Originally released in 1980 by the French duo of Roger Rizzitelli and Dominique Perrier.
Space Art "S/T" LP+CD (Because Music)

Autechre "Amber" LP (Warp) Classic second album from 1994, reissued for the first time in 15 years. Warp reissue one of their rarest gems, which Autechre themselves have referred to as conceiving as their "Warp record" - written to complement the label's early '90s ambient/AI catalogue. Depending your perspective, Amber is possibly the most beautiful Autechre album. It's much softer, and atmospheric than the needling electro tones of Incunabula, and also much friendlier, almost innocent than the cold, rugged Tri Repetae; almost like a snapshot of the duo in post-club gouch-out mode. Essential if you love electronic music.
Autechre "Incunabula" LP (Warp) Autechre's classic debut album from 1993, reissued for the first time in 15 years. The duo's peerless debut album is reissued as a facsimile copy of the original, replete with a silver-printed gatefold jacket. Not going to bang on about this too much, but you should know by now that Incunabula is one of the cornerstones of modern electronic music, and one of the pinnacles of the British rave epoch.
Autechre "Tri Repetae" LP (Warp) Autechre's classic third album from 1995, reissued for the first time in 15 years. Completing the triumvirate of early Autechre essentials, Tri Repetae was the duo's cranky contribution to mid '90s electronic music, and, like its predecessors a record that completely defines certain aspects of that era, with some of Autechre's sharpest, neck-snapping hip hop beats. If you have not heard it til now, you are in for a treat.
Dark0 "Oceana" 12" (XL)
DVA [Hi:Emotions] "NOTU_URONLINEU" LP (Hyperdub)
Flugel, Roman "All The Right Noises" LP (Dial) His third full-length with a mixture of warmth and weird fluffiness.
GosT "Non Paradisi" LP (Blood Music)
Moon Pool & Dead Band "Humanizer" LP (Midwich Productions) New six-track offering from the Detroit avant-garde electronic duo of Dave Shettler & Nate Young. Each track explores varying sonics and stretch into new untested shapes that continue to push the boundaries.

Federale "All The Colours Of The Dark" LP (Death Waltz Originals)
Grind, Joel "Equinox" LP (Death Waltz Originals)
Morricone Youth "Night Of The Living Dead" LP (Morricone Youth)
OST "Driveclub (Playstation) Hybrid LP (Friends & Family)
OST "Golden Axe I & II (SEGA)" Naofumi Hataya, Tohru Nakabayashi, You Takada LP (Data Discs) Soundtrack for 1989 & 1991 SEGA classics. Remastered from original source material. First time on vinyl.
OST "Greasy Strangler, The" Andrew Hung LP (Death Waltz) Catchy, Lo-Fi soundtrack composed by Fuck Buttons member Andrew Hung.
OST "Mad Monster Party (1967)" LP (Waxwork) First time on vinyl. 1967 soundtrack to the stop motion animated horror comedy film.
OST "Narcos Season One" Pedro Bromfman LP (Invada) Soundtrack for the Netflix original series about infamous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. 28 dark, haunting instrumental tracks and includes the theme song by Brazilian songwriter Rodrigo Amarente. On colored vinyl.
OST "Salem's Lot (1979)" Harry Sukman LP (Waxwork) First time on vinyl. Includes all 84 cues from the 1979 mini series directed by Tobe Hooper, adapted from a story by Stephen King. Over an hour of atmospheric, old fashion horror.
OST "Shock Waves (1977)" Richard Einhorn LP (Waxwork) First time on vinyl. Synth soundtrack for 1977 horror nazi zombie film.
OST "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back" LP (Masterworks) Back in print on gold color vinyl.
OST "Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi" LP (Masterworks) Back in print on gold color vinly.
OST "Trainspotting" 2LP Underworld to Iggy Pop and more. Now on orange vinyl.

Slugs BluRay (Arrow Video)

Friday, November 4th

Blues Pills "Lady In Gold" LP (Nuclear Blast) Colored vinyl.
Bowery Electric "Beat" LP (Kranky) Reissued.
Brian Jonestown Massacre, The "Third World Pyramid" CD/LP (A Recordings UK) Third World Pyramid is the 15th full length release from the band, recorded in early 2016. Encapsulates the ever-changing dynamic of the band, acknowledging their past but also looking to their future. On 180 gram colored vinyl.
Damaged Bug / Kyle Ranson "The Tarot of Personal Experience" + Tarot Card Set 7" (Castle Face)
Growlers "City Club" LP (Cult Records) New fifth full-length release for the California indie rock band, produced by Julian Casablancas. City Club is a somewhat surreal departure from their usual nutty rock template. Gone are the fuzzy, scuzzy guitars and tripped out vocals and in are the funked up synths and ice cold pop sensibilities. This sound shift is not unlike that of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, who's own brand of psych pop has recently evolved into a surreal form of garage funk.
Jagwar Ma "Every Now and Then" LP (Mom & Pop) New sophomore full-length from the Australian psychedelic / dance band.
Lambchop "FLOTUS" CD/LP (Merge) The latest Lambchop "For Love Often Turns Us Still" officially titled FLOTUS is now out. FLOTUS ranks as one of Lambchop's most confounding to date, an album whose form and content are united in intimate, private purpose, but which may well turn out to be one of their best and most accessible.
Obel, Agnes "Citizen of Glass" LP (PIAS America)
Tad "8-Way Santa" CD/LP (Sub Pop) First ever vinyl reissue of the Seattle grunge band's sophomore LP, released in 1991. Produced by famed '90s grunge and alternative producer Butch Vig, better known for Nirvana's Nevermind, and Smashing Pumpkins's Siamese Dream. Remastered and pressed to limited colored vinyl while it lasts as part of Sub Pop's Loser Edition series. CD version includes seven bonus tracks.
Tad "God's Balls" CD/LP (Sub Pop) First ever reissue of the debut LP from the Seattle grunge band, released in 1989. Remastered and pressed to limited colored vinyl while it lasts as part of Sub Pop's Loser Edition series. CD version includes three bonus tracks.
Tad "Salt Lick" CD/LP (Sub Pop) First remastered reissue of the band's 1990 EP, produced by Steve Albini. Pressed to color vinyl as part of the Loser Series. CD includes four bonus tracks.
Weyes Blood "Front Row Seat To Earth" LP (Mexican Summer) New lush fourth full-length from the California native singer-songwriter Natalie Mering overflows with the misty sounds of late '60s folk and '70s AM radio, but her presence in these songs is modern and slyly knowing.

A-F-R-O & Marco Polo "A-F-R-O Polo" CD/LP (Duck Down)
Bei Ru "LA Zooo" LP/CS (Musa Ler Music)
Czarface "A Fistful of Peril" CD/LP (Silver Age) New third release from the collaboration between Wu-Tang Clan's Inspectah Deck, 7L, and Esoteric features guest appearances by Action Bronson, Cappadonna, Ghostface Killah, Roc Marciano, Mr. MFN eXquire, Oh No, and Vinnie Paz. Czarface is one of the best Wu-relevant projects in years, and a shining example of what hip-hop should always strive to be.
Dibia$e "Sound Palace" LP (10 Thirty Records)
J Rocc "Funky President Edits Vol. 4: The Funky Pres Mix Part 1 & 2 b/w Part 5 & 6" 7"
J Rocc "Funky President Edits Vol 5: Break Yo Self" 7"
La Coka Nostra "To Thine Own Self Be True" CD/LP (Fat Beats)

Exek "Biased Advice" LP (Another Dark Age) New debut LP from the Melbourne post-punk band. A post-kraut-dub-psyche-punk excursion - with a balance of improvisation and calculation, nihilism and arrangements with studio-like precision, and early Australian new wave and German post-punk of '80s.
Suburban Homes "Are Bored" 12" (Total Punk) New vitriolic 6-track E.P from the English punks, this their third release, continues their manifesto of pointing out the faults of society and culture, with anger, wit and sarcasm.

Fields, Lee & The Expressions "Special Night" CD/ LP (Big Crown) New record from the long-running soul singer full of a sense of urgency, with equal parts fun and inspiration. Whether tackling a tune about love lost, found, or broader topics like the state of humanity, Lee has a very unique and honest perspective that is on display with each unforgettable performance. The band's sound is redolent of the golden age of 60s soul and the sound of labels like Stax, Motown, and early Atlantic Records, and harkens back to soul classics like Curtis Mayfield and Al Green. "Special Night" is a masterclass in soul music past and present. LP on special translucent red vinyl while it lasts.
Lady Wray "Queen Alone" CD (Big Crown Records)

Chaitanya Hari Deuter (AKA Deuter) / Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh "Kundalini Meditation" LP New age masterpiece from krautrock mystic Deuter, this album contains the music for the first two stages of an hour long kundalini meditation developed for westerners by Rajneesh (later known as Osho). While living at the ashram as a disciple of Rajneesh, Deuter produced a series of compositions to be used in these "active" meditations. They were recorded using a multi-track tape machine and an assortment of acoustic and electronic instruments - guitar, tambura, bells, percussion, and synthesizers. The playing style is repetitious yet dynamic, incorporating loops, Indian classical motifs, musique concrete, and pastoral acoustic passages.
Mahjun "S/T" (1973) LP (Souffle Continu) First ever vinyl reissue of the French psychedelic/prog/folk band's debut LP, released in 1973. A subtle mix of spiritual jazz, pop music, folk and avant-garde reminiscent of Full Moon Ensemble or Brigitte Fontaine. Limited colored vinyl in an edition of 200.
Mahjun "S/T" (1974) LP (Souffle Continu) First ever vinyl reissue of the French psychedelic/prog/folk band's sophomore LP, released in 1974. Their politico folk-prog sound moved to an ethnic flavored psychedelic fusion. Limited colored vinyl in an edition of 200.
Peacock, Annette & Paul Bley "Dual Unity" CD (Bamboo) New reissue of the debut album by Annette Peacock & Paul Bley, originally released in 1972. Dual Unity is a statement of immensity through synthetic minimalism and a milestone in the avant-garde, free jazz movement.
Pink Floyd "The Dark Side of the Moon" LP (Legacy) Vinyl reissue and available again.

Ambarchi, Oren "Hubris" LP (Editions Mego) New LP from the Australian experimental electronic guitarist and percussionist. Drawing particularly from Ambarchi's love of Wang Chung's soundtrack to William Friedkin's To Live and Die in L.A. (1985), Hubris, at times, recalls the skewed harmonic sense of Albert Marcoeur, early Weather Report or even the first Golden Palominos LP (1983).
Croatian Amor "Love Means Taking Action" LP (Posh Isolation) First new full-length since 2014 from the Danes. A punishing degree of indifference.
Electric Sewer Age "Bad White Corpuscle" LP (Hallow Ground) First ever vinyl pressing of the sole full-length from Danny Hyde, producer and remixer of Coil, Nine Inch Nails, Psychic TV, Depeche Mode and many others -- released as a CD only in 2014. Features Peter Christopherson, before his death.
Lopez, Francisco "Anima Ardens" CD (Sub Rosa) New soundtrack creation from the prolific minimal electroacoustic musician. Eleven men, eleven dancers in constant nudity, throw themselves, body and soul into Anima Ardens, surrounded by the organic sound environments of Lopez.
Orcutt, Bill & Chris Corsano "Live at Various / Various Live" 2LP (Palilalia) Reissue of two very limited cassettes of live recordings of Bill Orcutt and Chris Corsano. Originally released on Palilalia as Live At Various and Various Live. Recorded by Chris Corsano and Bill Orcutt on tour in 2013 and 2014. Double LP in an edition of 500. 'There ain't much space here for sweetness or subtlety.'

Neon "Rituals" LP (Spittle) First ever vinyl reissue of the Italian new wave band's first album, originally released in 1985. One of the more influential and enduring bands of the Italian scene, Neon integrated the attitude of early post-punk with certain types of electronic music that had timidly begun popping up on the club circuit.

Orb "COW : Chill Out World" CD (Kompakt Germany) Brand new record from the long-running UK duo, a masterful ambient album that branches out in many directions, but unmistakably sounds like The Orb. In contrast to their acclaimed previous full-length, Moonbuilding 2703 AD, which took years to prepare and fine-tune, COW / Chill Out, World! was produced over the course of only five sessions in six months. Displays a certain "geographic intimacy and spontaneity" and illustrates the "fertile process" of improvisation The Orb have engaged in through their countless performances over the past few years.
Shifted "Appropriation Stories" LP (Hospital Productions) New double LP from Guy Alexander Brewer's project Shifted, finds him taking in techno, noise and experimental electronics, overlaying a once-hidden past in drum'n'bass. On Appropriation Stories, rigorous processing and studio treatments transform classic breaks into deeply hidden components that add new layers of character to Brewer's highly-developed techno sound.

v/a "Japanese Traditional Music: Songs of People at Work and Play - Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai 1941" CD (World Arbiter) Compilation of the label's excavation and restoration of 60 10" 78RPM discs of Japanese traditional music. The original set was manufactured in 1941 and was intended to be presented exclusively to libraries. World Arbiter acquired one original set of 59 from Beate Sirota Gordon (daughter of pianist Leo Sirota) in the 1990s, and, after a ten-year search, finally located a test pressing of the 60th disc in a theater museum in Japan. This final volume is full of folk songs that captures rice planters, weavers, tuna and herring fishers, and children, all funkier than one could imagine and with the presence of eternity in their every sound and breath.

OST "Stranger Things" Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (Vol 1) LP (Lakeshore) Black vinyl version now in stock.

Pop, Iggy "Post Pop Depression Live at The Royal Albert Hall" DVD